How you can Cease a Cat Combat and Why They Occur


A cat battle is definitely a pure habits, and the important thing to get a cat battle to cease is to grasp why the cats are combating within the first place. Cat habits is complicated, so be affected person. It’s possible you’ll must strive a number of options to cease a cat battle earlier than discovering one which works.

Why Do Cats Combat?

Why do cats battle? Pictures by 101cats/istock.

Have you ever simply launched a brand new cat into the house? Do you’ve got a younger cat who’s reaching sexual maturity? Have you ever moved, leaving your cats to determine new territories? The basis trigger will decide the way you resolve your cats’ conflicts. The most typical causes for a cat battle are listed beneath:

1. Cats Combat Due to Hormones

Male cats are sometimes concerned in inter-cat aggression, which most frequently happens when a cat reaches social maturity between two and 4 years of age. Though one of these aggression is normally seen in males competing for mates, it will possibly happen between cats of any intercourse when territorial conflicts happen.

Step one towards eliminating this type of a cat battle is to spay and neuter your cats. If you happen to’ve already executed so, pheromone merchandise like Feliway might help scale back aggression. Be mindful, you want protection in each room of your own home for it to be efficient. Feliway now makes pheromone collars as nicely.

2. That “New Cat Odor” May Trigger a Cat Combat

If you convey a brand new cat into the house, he may have a brand new cat scent that screams “alien invader” to your resident cats. Some cats are extra troubled by this than others. Integrating their smells can expedite a decision of their battle.

Rub a towel over one, then rub the identical towel over the second cat to mingle their scents. Do that a number of instances a day for a number of weeks.

3. Jealousy Makes Cats Combat

A brand new cat will virtually all the time get extra consideration from you than your present brood does. Put aside additional one-on-one time along with your different cats to alleviate their fears that the brand new cat is stealing all of your love — and a standard cause for a cat battle. Jealousy is extra prone to be a difficulty with breeds just like the Siamese that bond intently with their individuals, and they’ll want numerous reassurance that their place in your coronary heart is safe.

4. A Cat Combat May Be Territorial

Cats are territorial by nature, even when the territory extends no additional than the tip of your sofa. If you introduce a brand new cat into your family, the brand new cat might want to set up territory, and your present cats might want to defend theirs. This usually ends in a cat battle.

Every of your cats in all probability has a “spot” they name their very own. Discourage the brand new cat from adopting considered one of these spots by offering her along with her personal particular spot. Sprinkle it with catnip and put a towel along with her scent on it.

Think about offering the brand new cat along with her personal cat tree. She will not be poaching the territory of your present cats, and she will be able to mark it as her personal along with her scent.

Or, set up new separate “cat areas” in your house. Arrange an ornamental panel display screen within the nook of a room, or reposition your furnishings to interrupt up a big area, carving out extra smaller “territories” in your cats.

How you can Cease a Cat Combat Earlier than It Occurs

If a cat battle will not cease even after attempting every little thing above, it is time for incarceration. It isn’t as unhealthy because it sounds. You wish to drive proximity upon the 2 cats with out ending both of them.

Get a big dog crate — don’t use a cat service. Place it in a spare room, and put one cat (with a litter field and mattress) within the crate, and the opposite cat outdoors the crate. Depart them alone within the room collectively. Do that on daily basis for no less than per week, alternating which cat will get crated.

When issues look like much less risky between them, allow them to out collectively within the room (however do not depart them alone collectively). Play with them, give them treats, and reward good habits. If one initiates a cat battle, put him within the crate. Proceed till they are often collectively within the room with out combating.

At that time, you’ll be able to reintroduce them to the remainder of the home. When one begins a cat battle, he goes again within the crate. Once more, reward good habits and reward with treats. Inside a month, the 2 cats ought to have the ability to coexist pretty peacefully.

How you can Break Up a Cat Combat

By way of all of this, you may (sadly) in all probability want to interrupt up a cat battle or a number of. By no means attain in and attempt to separate combating cats your self. As a substitute, squirt the cats with a squirt gun or toss water on them from a distance (in order that they are not conscious that you are the supply of the water). It is good to maintain loaded squirt weapons all through the home for this goal. Alternatively, loud noises (on an air gun, a can stuffed with pennies or banging a pan) may be efficient.

NEVER hit them or chase a cat. It’ll solely make them extra aggressive, and it will possibly completely destroy their belief in you.

With endurance and a transparent understanding of cat habits, you need to have the ability to obtain family concord and any form of a cat battle inside a month or two.

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Inform us: Do your cats battle? How do you forestall a cat battle?

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