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You wish to have a cute pet to accompany you at residence, however you might be allergic to dog and cat? Or perhaps you’re not allergic however you assume dog is just too scary whereas cat is just too annoying? Whereas many dog and cat house owners will disagree with you, don’t really feel dangerous. Possibly you’re simply not a dog particular person or a cat particular person. Possibly you’re one other animal particular person. If you need the cuteness of cat and dog however particularly don’t need them, like every little thing tiny and cute, and get drawn to chubby cheeks and slanted eyes, then perhaps you’re a hamster particular person.

Now, after you settle for the truth that you’re a hamster particular person, you might wish to begin embrace the function and lift one in every of your individual. The issue is you don’t have any expertise with hamster in any respect! Don’t panic – as a result of this information is made for first-time hamster proprietor. Discover what preparation to take action you gained’t make mistake together with your first hamster.

Preparation at Dwelling

The Breed

The very first thing you must do while you determine to boost a hamster is to determine what breed you need. That is necessary as a result of it impacts the selection for the cage and the meals provides. There are 5 breeds of hamster that may be raised as pet. Nonetheless, the most typical – which suggests the most probably breeds you could find in pet store are dwarf hamster and Syrian hamster.

Dwarf hamster, like its identify, is smaller than Syrian hamster. It is usually extra energetic and has shorter lifespan. Syrian hamster is the biggest hamster species – it might probably develop 6-7 inches tall. Syrian hamster is often lazier than dwarf – subsequently it’s simpler to deal with for first timer. Nonetheless, it additionally is dependent upon the hamster’s individuality.
You possibly can’t maintain two or three Syrian hamsters in a cage since they may battle one another to demise. Dwarf hamster could be grouped, however solely when they’re identical intercourse – ideally siblings. Nonetheless, once more it comes again to every of the hamster’s persona.

The Cage

Syrian hamster looking out of a cage

A very powerful factor you must purchase on your hamster is cage, since it’s the place they may stay. Relating to cage, the primary factor to contemplate is the dimensions. In US, the minimal measurement for dwarf hamster is 12×24 inches whereas for Syrian hamster it’s 12×30. Nonetheless, bigger is best, particularly for those who plan to place a variety of toys inside.

There are three in style kinds of hamster cage: wire, aquarium, and modular, every have their very own execs and cons:

  • Wire Cage has nice circulation, is simpler to scrub, and has a variety of room to connect toys or services. Nonetheless, it’s liable to temperature change. Your hamster might gnaw on the bar as effectively. Take note of the hole between the bar and ensure your hamster can escape from there.
  • Aquarium appears to be like nice nevertheless it has poor circulation. It additionally wants a wire or mesh roof to forestall your hamster from escaping.
  • Modular appears to be like nice because it comes with completely different coloration and options. Nonetheless, it may be costly.

The bedding must be constructed from both hardwood like aspen or from paper materials – both store-bought like Kaytee or Carefresh or DIY from tissue, bathroom paper, or paper towel. Comfortable wooden like pine can disturb hamster’s respiratory system. Different issues that shouldn’t be made as bedding are cat litter, corn cob, newspaper or different printed paper, and bedding floss.

The Meals


Hamster eats greens and fruits. You may give them contemporary greens or fruits otherwise you may give them store-bought hamster meals. Hamster meals often incorporates all of the vitamins your hamster must maintain him wholesome and comfortable.
Dwarf hamster and Syrian hamster has completely different eating regimen. Dwarf hamster is liable to diabetes, subsequently sugary fruit and snack consumption must be restricted – corresponding to carrot, apple, and turnip. Each hamsters ought to by no means be fed something with garlic or onion in it.

The Equipment

Two funny domestic pet rats and a toy house

The cage will not be full with out services and equipment. First, you’ll want a operating wheel – since hamster is principally a ball of vitality and with out one they gained’t have something to channel the vitality. Second, you’ll want a hamster home. Third, you’ll have to purchase chew toy since hamster is rodent. Lastly, purchase a lot of toys. Hamster likes to play!

Selecting Up the Hamster

Cute hamster standing behind a blackboard with a word hamster

When the cage is prepared, it’s time to select up the hamster. Go to pet retailer or breeder you belief, after which discover the one which has immediate psychological reference to you. Verify the situation earlier than shopping for. Does he appear wholesome and comfortable? Is his fur thick and regular, with none bald patch? Are his eyes clear, with none operating discharge? Is his backside dry, with none matted poop? Does he appear energetic?

When you’ve determine, take the hamster residence in a container. Whenever you arrive, don’t instantly contact it, however put a glass or deep bowl with meals within the container. When the little creature climbs in, switch the glass or bowl into the cage.

The First Days

Cute hamster pet eating on a owner´s hand

Let the hamster discover the cage and get conversant in it earlier than anticipating it to play with you. This could take a day or two, relying on the hamster’s belief stage. After that, you can begin introducing your self to him by letting them sniffing your finger.

When they’re prepared, it’s time for actual bonding time! You possibly can take him out from the cage and play with him. Put the hamster in your palm or in your abdomen. Let him discover and play on the ground, however by no means let him out of your sight since they’ll simply slip inside small little area in your home and get caught there.

The Routine

Funny cute syrian hamster hanging on a human finger

The required routine for hamster will not be onerous, nevertheless it requires self-discipline. The record sustaining routine of the hamsters is as follows:

  • Change water and meals on daily basis
  • Scoop out poop on daily basis
  • Change bedding each week
  • Clear the cage floor (bar and lid) each week
  • Wash the meals and water bowl each week
  • Completely clear the entire cage each month
  • Scrubbing the tray each month

Feeling assured to get the vitality ball but? It’s best to, as a result of ultimately, spending time enjoying together with your hamster is value battling your fear about him!


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