Meet Pink Pandas Asa and Chris-Anne


How do crimson pandas keep heat when it’s chilly?

Pink pandas have a number of diversifications that assist hold them heat. For starters, crimson panda fur is extraordinarily dense and covers all surfaces of their our bodies aside from their eyes and nostril! To tread by snow and ice, they’ve fuzzy toes—even the bottoms of their paws are fully coated in fur. Final, their lengthy, bushy tail does greater than assist them stability as they transfer by the bushes; it additionally acts as a shawl or blanket. In the event that they wrap their tail tightly round their physique, they’ll protect their eyes and nostril from the wind and snow.

Due to all of those diversifications, Asa and Chris-Anne are in a position to have entry to their out of doors habitat even when temperatures attain a frigid 0 levels Fahrenheit. Within the winter, their indoor habitat stays a cool, crisp and comfy 40 levels Fahrenheit. In hotter months when temperatures creep above 75 levels Fahrenheit, our crimson pandas desire to spend most of their time inside their air-conditioned indoor habitat—identical to us!


Pink panda Asa investigates a Kong toy stuffed with one in every of her favourite meals: grapes! 

What’s a cool truth about crimson pandas that most individuals don’t know?

Though crimson pandas look just like raccoons, the 2 species are usually not associated. Pink pandas are literally dwelling fossils, and the one dwelling member of their household: Ailuridae! Their closest ancestor roamed the earth 5 million years in the past.

This story seems within the December 2021 concern of Nationwide Zoo Information. Rev-up your crimson panda information and take a look at Is a Pink Panda a Bear? And Extra Pink Panda Info. Wish to observe a day within the lifetime of a crimson panda keeper? Don’t miss Caring For Pink Pandas: Tales From a Actual-Life Zoo Guardian.


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