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If you happen to’ve ever rigged a drop shot, it’s fairly easy. Merely depart an extended chief and as an alternative of including a drop shot weight on the backside, tie on a shaky head as an alternative. If you happen to haven’t rigged a drop shot earlier than, right here’s how I do it.

I tie a Trilene knot by going by the point-side of the hook eye first and depart an extended tag finish. Then I take that tag finish and run it again by the attention of the hook coming as soon as once more from the point-side of the attention of the hook. If you happen to tie it this fashion and pull your line tight, you must be capable to make the hook stand out perpendicular to the road.

To rig a drop shot, I simply add a drop shot weight on the finish of my tag line. To rig a shaky shot as an alternative, I tie on a shaky head. The size of line between the drop shot hook and the shaky head varies journey to journey and generally even faculty to high school. Use your electronics to determine how far the fish are staging from each other and regulate it accordingly. I’ve finished this with as little as 18 inches separating my baits and I may see utilizing as a lot as 6 ft of line between baits. Simply keep in mind, you’ll solely be capable to reel in so far as the drop shot hook so when you have greater than 6 ft between baits you’ll possible have a extremely onerous time lipping a fish or getting it into the online if it bites the shaky head.

Line dimension, shaky head weight, drop shot hook type and bait choice can all fluctuate. Personally, I like a 1/4-ounce shaky head regardless that that’s an excellent bit heavier than I’d go if I had been utilizing a drop shot weight. The reason is once more, a shaky shot rig isn’t as efficient at dropping vertically. So the heavier weight helps get the bait on all the way down to the underside a bit of nearer to the goal than a lighter shaky head would.

As for bait choice, I recommend mixing it up. Generally I’ll go along with different-colored worms from one hook to the opposite and generally with totally different type baits fully with one thing like a Roboworm on the highest hook and a craw-imitation bait on the shaky head.


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