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Probably the most delicate species of fish on this planet is the guppy which also called Poecilia Libestes Reticulata. Kids, adults and previous of us like to have this recreation as it’s soothing for the eyes and stress buster. This widespread aquarium fish is simple to take care of if you know the way to look after them. One of many benefits of an grownup guppy fish is that it isn’t aggressive in nature, and is simple to keep up when in comparison with the reedfish and the catfish.

The guppy belongs to a bunch referred to as the reside bearer, which implies that these sort of fish give delivery to free swimming fry as a substitute of laying eggs. Originating from the South and Central America, the guppy fish can now be discovered in several components of the world as effectively. In addition they is available in quite a few variations just like the flagtail guppy, triangle tail guppy, rounded guppy and so forth. By way of form and color, the commonest being inexperienced, blue and crimson.

Guppy Fish Care Tips Made Easy

In case you are excited about taking care of the little guppy fish, try to be conscious of sure care suggestions.

Proper sort of Aquarium

The perfect sort of aquarium for guppy fish is a neighborhood one, the reason is that they’re peaceable in nature. If you wish to combine different species of fish with the guppy, ensure that they aren’t aggressive. A variation of guppy fish types an exquisite and vibrant college.


A heater is sweet to maintain the water heat throughout winters. A thermometer can be good to maintain the temperature (75 – 80 diploma Fahrenheit) secure because the guppy fish is delicate and a filter to supply good high quality circulate of water. An air stone if wanted to produce oxygen and vibrant stones for the aquarium to look brilliant and exquisite. You may as well accessorise the aquarium with a small mild above, fish don’t prefer to be saved in the dead of night.


In the event you discover any sort of fish, irrespective of what number of instances you dab meals into the aquarium it would proceed to swim upwards and seize its deal with. Feeding a guppy fish ought to be solely two to a few instances a day. Over feeding may end up in loss of life. Fish care tip- Dwell meals (worms ) is right for a guppy fish.

Water Change

Fish are likely to soiled the water very quick. Subsequently, it’s important to vary the water each two weeks. Within the case of the guppy fish, altering partial quantity of water regularly will assist your fish to final lengthy. Fish care tip- When you have grownup guppy fish, watch out in altering the water as a result of new water will have a tendency to wreck its tail.


The guppy fish offers delivery to fry and doesn’t lay eggs. Preserve a observe on the fry quickly after they’re born. Not like the grownup mom guppy, the fry must be fed 4 instances throughout the day. The water must also be modified thrice in every week. When they’re 2 to 2.5 cm lengthy, you may allow them to reside freely with the grownup fish, till then rear them in a separate tank.

Water of a number of Asian international locations consists of the guppy fish because it helps to fight malaria by lowering the variety of mosquitoes.


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