Overweight Tree Frog Finds Everlasting Dwelling at North Carolina Reptile Rescue The place He Is Dropping Weight


GeoBeats Animals traveled to Durham, North Carolina to go to BeWild Rescue so as to be taught extra about an overweight rescued white tree frog named Cousin who’s on his strategy to shedding weight.

Rescue director Nicole D’Avignon defined that Cousin got here to them in 2019 by individuals who rescued him from a lifetime of captivity. Though Cousin has been rehomed a number of instances, he’s discovered a everlasting place with BeWild.

Cousin is uncommon as a result of he’s so huge. His house owners who donated him, they rescued him from somebody. He was really too huge to reside with their very own frogs. …We’re at the very least his fourth dwelling. He’s been transferred from dwelling to dwelling lots.

Since his arrival, Cousin has misplaced a little bit of weight and continues to take action, though life in captivity has hindered his potential to maneuver very a lot. Because of these restrictions, he can by no means be launched again into the wild.

Proper now he’s right down to about 120 grams. Speaking to our veterinarians he most likely can’t drop a few pounds very effectively for a couple of causes. Certainly one of his limbs have been curved as a result of he doesn’t have sufficient calcium or he didn’t previously, so he can’t actually climb and hop like an everyday frog can He’s actually not as lively as most frogs are. He additionally has a persistent situation.

As an alternative, Cousin lives comfortably as an Ambassador for BeWild Rescue.

Please welcome our latest ambassador- Cousin the big White’s Tree Frog!


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