Chubby Tree Frog That Went Viral Highlights Cruelty Inside Reptile Pet Commerce


There are such a lot of causes to undertake as an alternative of store for an animal, and the cruelty throughout the pet commerce is a significant one. Many individuals all through the U.S. go into authorized pet shops to buy an animal, fully unaware that the pet shops may assist the unlawful wildlife commerce and different unethical practices.

It’s not simply dogs and cats which might be victims of pet shops both, however a variety of unique animals like reptiles and rodents. And typically, these unique “pets” are taken proper from the wilderness to spend their lives in tiny cages.

It’s merciless and unethical and infrequently results in well being points and poor high quality of life for the animals in query. A superb instance of that is Cousin, an Indonesian white tree frog. Cousin has turn into a little bit of an Web star, with many individuals “obsessed” together with his uncommon look. Nonetheless, his “cute” face is a results of a poor food regimen and way of life and shouldn’t be praised.


Cousin is believed to have been taken from the wild in Indonesia and offered into the U.S. pet commerce. Like many animals within the pet commerce, Cousin’s wants weren’t being met and he grew to become poor in calcium, leading to his limbs curving.

Due to his curved limbs and poor food regimen, Cousin couldn’t hop and climb like most frogs and he started to placed on some weight. Whereas most white tree frogs max out their weight round 50 grams, Cousin grew to be a staggering 144 grams. He was so huge, his proprietor gave him away as a result of she feared for her different pet frogs who lived in the identical enclosure.

Cousin bounced round from residence to residence till he lastly landed on the BeWild Reptile Rescue in North Carolina. The rescue rehabilitates pet reptiles that had been improperly cared for, and Cousin match proper into that class.

The rescue labored with Cousin for over a yr, and efficiently acquired him to lose 20 grams, leaving him round 70 grams obese.

For some motive, the rescue is struggling to assist him lose extra grams, so he stays at an overweight weight.

Due to his measurement, Cousin will seemingly spend the remainder of his life (white tree frogs stay 15-20 years) in a small enclosure with out different frogs. Tree frogs thrive in a gaggle setting, however Cousin won’t ever get to expertise socialization, and the rescuers admitted to GeoBeats Animals that they largely go away him alone in his cage.

Cousin may’ve spent his life as a free frog within the wilderness of Indonesia, residing a full and blissful life. However due to the unique pet commerce and other people and pet outlets within the U.S. supporting that commerce, he’ll stay out his days at an unhealthy weight, in a small enclosure by himself.

It’s no life for a frog to stay, and it highlights simply how merciless and unethical the unique pet commerce is. These animals are taken from their pure habitats -with lots of them dying throughout transport or seize -and compelled to stay with people, who usually don’t perceive what they want. Then they’re discarded or ignored when individuals develop uninterested in them.

Signal this petition to finish the unique animal commerce worldwide.

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