Columbus Zoo’s Humboldt Penguin Chirriante Bellfontaine dies


POWELL, Ohio — The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is honoring the lifetime of one in every of its beloved penguins.

Humboldt penguin Chirriante Bellfontaine handed away on Feb. 4 as a result of an age-related sickness, in response to the zoo.

Chrriante lived for 29 years, which exceeds his species’ median life expectancy of 17.6 years.

Chirriante, additionally known as Chi-Chi or Outdated Man Chi by the keepers, was a part of the primary Humboldt penguins to reach on the zoo in 1996. He helped elevate the primary chick to hatch on the zoo.

The Columbus zoo says Chirriante would at all times be the primary to greet keepers on the door to get first dibs on the most effective fish.

The zoo considers Chirriatne to be one in every of a sort and his legacy carries on together with his 34 offspring.


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