Wild Encounters: Giraffe enrichment course of


(WJBF) – In the present day we’re going to be taught extra about a few of our tall buddies on the Riverbanks Zoo.

“Alright, so we’re right here again in a particular space right here at Riverbanks Zoo and we’re right here speaking to Jeff and right this moment we’re speaking about giraffe enrichment. Jeff, inform us a bit of bit concerning the enrichment course of and why it’s so vital.”

Jeff Mihok, Hoofstock Keeper: “Enrichment is a dynamic course of for enhancing the animal’s setting inside the contexts of that animal’s pure historical past and biology. So, it could possibly be as a lot as including a toy or a brand new meals or a brand new scent. In a zoo setting, it’s on us to attempt to create these modifications through completely different objects; new gadgets we will hold as much as watch them exhibit extra pure habits…something to boost the general welfare of the animals.”

“What are a few of the issues that you just guys do for the giraffes right here?”

Jeff: “Giraffes are going to be browsers. You have got your browsers and you’ve got your grazers. The rhinos that now we have listed below are going to be grazers. They’re going to be consuming stuff down low by the grass. Giraffes as browsers, as you may guess, are going to be consuming the stuff approach up excessive, up within the timber; leaves, branches, issues like that. That’s a giant pure habits there. there’s going to be a foraging for the meals within the wild reaching up on the lookout for higher issues to eat.”

“So, what do now we have subsequent?”

Jeff: “So, that is a type of extra pure enrichment gadgets I used to be speaking about. When you can’t inform, it’s form of a faux log. It’s actually simply nicely performed PVC that’s been designed to recreate a log, like they might see within the wild and it has plenty of little obstacles right here that they need to get their tongue round; and so we will take some lettuce and conceal that in these little spots, shove it approach down in there and so they get to make use of that tongue to get each final little bit out of right here.”

“Are you able to present us yet one more enrichment merchandise earlier than we go?”

Jeff: “That is form of a factor the place we will use this grain and conceal it…conceal it all through this little complicated puzzle toy we acquired right here and so they have to make use of that tongue to maneuver round these obstacles to attempt to get all these items of grain out.”


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