Issues are a bit nutty when you have got a hamster in the home: Ship us your pet rescue tales


CLEVELAND, Ohio — My hamster’s identify is Drago. He’s a teddy bear hamster. They’re probably the most in style forms of hamsters on the earth. When he will get previous, his fur will flip blue.

He’s additionally nocturnal. So, he’s awake at evening and asleep throughout the day. We have now to feed him at evening, as a result of all hamsters are nocturnal. He is not going to eat something in the midst of the day –you’d solely wake him up!

Drago likes to eat fruits and veggies. However he particularly likes nuts, similar to peanuts and pecans. Hamsters can’t have salt or citrus. He additionally likes nuts as a result of it offers him one thing to munch on. His cheeks go all the way down to his torso.

Each time we give him carrots, lettuce, celery, and so on., he stuffs the entire thing in his cheeks and hides it for later.

He workout routines by working in his wheel. He additionally runs contained in the plastic ball we acquired him. Typically I see him run up and down the tubes in his cage for train.

He doesn’t train as a lot as he used to. There was a time when he used his wheel all evening lengthy!

Keita Jenks,

West Park

Do you share your life with an animal that’s close to and pricey to you? Inform us one thing about your pet – all species are welcome – and ship alongside a photograph of the 2 of you. You’ll want to inform us which Larger Cleveland group you reside in. Ship all the pieces to Ann Norman at


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