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Eating with Sanderlings

Written by Bob Sundstrom

That is BirdNote. 

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Although most birds that enliven seashores in summer time have gone south, tiny sandpipers referred to as Sanderlings are simple to search out on winter shores. They’re intensely busy birds, persistently following the smallest waves as they lap out and in. 

[Sanderling, XC 588403, 0:12-0:15]

Excessive tide pushes burrowing invertebrates nearer to the floor of the sand. Because the waves retreat, the highest layer of sand swirls loosely. Sanderlings rush in to probe the sand for prey with their small however robust beaks, then flee as the subsequent wave breaks.

The variety of a Sanderling’s weight-reduction plan is spectacular. Varied small crustaceans, particularly mole crabs, isopods, and amphipods are essential components. 

[Sanderling, XC 505581]

A Sanderling’s probing additionally yields miniature clams and bristly, segmented polychaete (pronounced PAWL-uh-keet) worms. In spring on Delaware Bay, horseshoe crab eggs are a significant meals.

[Sanderling, XC 588403, 0:12-0:15]

And a Sanderling’s eating choices don’t finish there. They chase invertebrates by means of shallow swimming pools and pluck flying bugs out of the air. In a pinch, they will flip to crops: buds, seeds, and algae. 

However they’re finest identified for that elegant dance on the fringe of the waves. Look ahead to them performing alongside a lot of the U.S. coast, from metropolis shorelines to barrier islands.

[Sanderling, XC 505581]

For BirdNote, I’m Ariana Remmel.


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