5 Simple Methods to Appeal to Juncos to Your Yard! (2022)


Attracting juncos just isn’t tough!

If you wish to see extra of those lovely birds in your yard, at present’s article goes to assist. My guess is that you just’re just some changes away from seeing a number of juncos!


Apparently, there is just one junco species that most individuals in North America will ever see, and that’s known as a Darkish-eyed Junco. Fortunately, this species is widespread and generally seen in EVERY state and province.


However the loopy half is that it has SIX totally different colour morphs and appears utterly totally different relying in your location! To study extra about this phenomenon and in addition why Darkish-eyed Juncos are known as “snowbirds,” take a look at the enjoyable article beneath! 🙂


Listed below are FIVE simple methods to draw juncos!


#1. Appeal to juncos with meals they love!

The BEST option to entice juncos to your yard is to verify they will discover their favourite meals after they go to.


So what do juncos prefer to eat?


Generally, these birds are granivorous, which suggests they eat a wide range of seeds and grains, particularly in winter. Fortunately, many generally out there feeder meals are PERFECT for juncos!


Listed below are the THREE greatest meals for attracting juncos:


A. Sunflower Seeds:

Hulled sunflower seed - best birdseed types

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Vitamin Info: 40% fats, 16% protein, 20% carbohydrates


Juncos LOVE consuming sunflower seeds, however they appear to love them greatest when already shelled. Whereas they will crack open the skinny shells of black-oil sunflower seeds, I’ve discovered they like to eat them with the husks already taken off. Don’t even consider using striped sunflower seeds, as these shells are WAY too thick for juncos.


One of many BEST components about sunflower seeds is that they appeal to the widest quantity of birds versus another meals. Severely, you may anticipate cardinals, jays, nuthatches, titmice, woodpeckers, grosbeaks, finches, nutcrackers, juncos, blackbirds, doves, sparrows, and grackles, along with juncos!


B. Cracked Corn

cracked corn - types of birdseed

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Vitamin Info: 5% fats, 9% protein, 74% carbohydrates


Cracked corn is complete kernel corn that has been chopped up. Many birds can’t eat complete kernel corn as a result of it’s too large, however many birds, similar to juncos, like consuming cracked corn.


One of the best half about cracked corn is its INEXPENSIVE value! This grain is usually utilized in birdseed mixes to assist get the bag’s value decrease.


C. White Proso Millet

white proso millet birdseed

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Vitamin Data: 4% fats, 11% protein, 73% carbohydrates


Millet is a favourite meals amongst ground-feeding birds, like juncos. It’s usually not bought individually however is included in lots of birdseed mixes.


There are a couple of several types of millet, however the very best one is white proso millet, which is a small spherical starchy grain.


A phrase of warning: Many birdseed mixes additionally include RED proso millet, which is crimson and smaller than white millet. Juncos will eat crimson millet, but it surely’s not their favourite. So, if attainable, I might attempt to keep away from shopping for a mixture that features crimson millet.


Listed below are a couple of different meals that juncos will eat:

  • Whereas sunflower kernels, cracked corn, and white proso millet appear to draw juncos the very best, these birds will even eat Nyjer seed, safflower, milo, and chopped-up peanuts.


#2. Purchase chicken feeders that juncos will really use!

junco in feeder

Thus far, we’ve got realized the forms of meals that appeal to juncos. However these native birds are a bit choosy about the place and the way they feed. So if you wish to see them, it’s good to use feeders that enchantment to them.


Generally, juncos choose feeding on or very close to the bottom.


As well as, they like open areas when consuming, so the BEST feeders are trays, platforms, open hopper feeders, or simply spreading seed immediately on the bottom!


Try the above feeders on AmazonTray / Hopper


Right here is my favourite chicken feeder for attracting juncos:


Woodlink Tray Bird Feeder

Click on PLAY beneath to see this feeder LIVE on the bottom in my yard! You might even see a Darkish-eyed Junco proper now, particularly throughout winter. (Study extra about my stay chicken cams HERE)

View Right this moment’s Worth


This feeder is a wonderful, multi-purpose tray. I really like that it may be utilized in 3 ways; on the bottom, hung within the air, or mounted to a pole.


To draw juncos, the BEST place to place the tray is correct on the bottom. This location is the place they really feel probably the most snug consuming as they forage. Simply unfold a combination of sunflower seeds, white proso millet, and cracked corn inside and watch the birds come! 🙂

I even have this feeder mounted to my pole, which supplies birds a big space to land and feed!

best tray feeder


  • The metallic display screen backside supplies wonderful drainage. So your meals won’t ever be sitting in standing water. The display screen backside can be detachable and slides proper out. This characteristic makes it simple to scrub!


  • My solely grievance with this tray feeder is its sturdiness. It’s constructed from wooden, and the screws that join the fold-out legs are inclined to get free after a 12 months or two and want changing.


Placing meals immediately on the bottom additionally attracts juncos!

attracting juncos on the ground

If you happen to don’t need to spend further cash on one other chicken feeder, it’s not a necessity for juncos. As a substitute, simply throw a handful of their favourite meals immediately on the bottom. Truthfully, that is most likely the place they really feel probably the most snug consuming anyway.


The principle advantage of utilizing a floor feeder is that the meals stays brisker longer because it’s not mendacity on the bottom.


#3. Appeal to JUNCOS by offering water!

oregon junco in bird bath

One other option to get juncos to go to your yard is to supply a constant water supply. Juncos not solely will use it to maintain hydrated but in addition to wash and keep clear. Unless you’re fortunate sufficient to have a stream or lake close by, one of the simplest ways to supply water is to purchase a chicken tub.


Relating to attracting juncos, it would be best to discover a GROUND BIRD BATH. As we’ve got already mentioned, juncos really feel most snug on the bottom.


Right here is the bathtub I take advantage of in my yard for juncos (and different birds):


Poly Lumber Birdbath

best ground bird baths

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First, I like that this floor tub is constructed from recycled poly lumber. This materials is extremely sturdy. I’ve owned this product for a couple of years now, and there was no fading, splitting, or cracking of the fabric.


The peak of the bathtub is roughly 6 inches (15 cm) off the bottom, so it’s simply accessible for juncos and lots of different animals. Even new child ducklings have been noticed leaping up and going for a swim!


I go away this birdbath in my yard all 12 months spherical. Through the winter, I place a deicer into the water to stop freezing. Because the water is just 2 inches (5 cm) deep, it freezes extraordinarily quick, as you may think about. The juncos will very a lot admire having a water supply when every little thing else is frozen stable!


Lastly, I wished to say that the plastic pan just isn’t hooked up to the poly lumber. So this makes cleansing the pan extraordinarily simple! Nearly each time I refill the bathtub with water, I take away the pan and dump out the particles that managed to spill into the water.


#4. Maintain your feeders full!

how to attract juncos

I do know this tip seems like frequent sense, but it surely’s really tougher to perform than you would possibly suppose. Belief me, there are various chilly, winter nights once I’m heat inside, however I do know my feeders are empty. It takes numerous willpower to rise up, placed on a jacket, and head outdoors to freezing temperatures, so the morning guests have meals!


As exhausting because it is likely to be to maintain your feeders filled with seeds, it’s extremely vital.


First, in case your feeding station is all the time filled with recent meals, you’ll have extra birds visiting. If the feeders are generally empty, your juncos might want to discover their territory to search out different meals sources. And what occurs after they stumble throughout your neighbor who ALWAYS has a wide range of seeds out there? 🙂


Second, particular person Darkish-eyed Juncos are recognized to go to the identical feeding stations a number of years in a row. That’s as a result of these birds set up territories, that are about 10 acres giant, and the identical 6 to twenty birds use the identical space annually. Your aim is to persuade the juncos dwelling in your space that you’ve the BEST feeding location, and they should hold round your yard as a lot as attainable.


#5. Give juncos loads of locations to cover.


Juncos will be fairly skittish. On the first signal of bother, they retreat again to a secure hiding place.


So should you put your chicken feeding station in the course of a barren yard, it’s going to be exhausting to draw juncos. They aren’t going to really feel snug!


The extra shelter and shrubbery you may present, the safer you’ll make juncos really feel. I’ve my feeding station subsequent to a brushy forest space, and it’s superb how one can’t even see the juncos coming. They simply appear to magically seem out of the woods for a couple of moments to seize some meals, then head again to security.


Listed below are some ideas to assist make your yard extra interesting to juncos!


  • Plant shrubby evergreens: These vegetation are nice for nearly each chicken species. They supply nice shelter all 12 months spherical and security from predators.


  • Plant a local perennial flower backyard: Dedicating a portion of your yard to native flowers serves many functions. The useless vegetation present shelter by the winter (don’t reduce them down till spring), however in addition they produce many seeds that juncos can eat! A few of my favourite flowers embrace coneflowers, bee balm, milkweed, black-eyed Susans, and daisies.

junco weed seeds


  • Make a brush pile: Piling up all of the branches and sticks out of your yard is superb for wildlife. Juncos will admire the hiding locations and shelter on chilly, windy nights. Bugs additionally thrive with brush piles, which offer meals for all kinds of creatures throughout hotter months.


  • Maintain your weeds! Juncos LOVE consuming weed seeds. Their favorites embrace dandelions, chickweed, crabgrass, ragweed, and lots of extra. They’d admire it should you didn’t deal with your garden for weeds. 🙂


Simply keep in mind, there may be nothing much less interesting for wildlife than a barren grass garden crammed with pesticides, fungicides, and different chemical substances. The extra native flowers, shrubs, and timber you may embrace, the higher!


And don’t neglect to place your chicken feeders CLOSE to an space in your yard with pure hiding locations. Be certain that there may be loads of room ON THE GROUND for juncos to forage and feed too.


Do you will have any further ideas for attracting juncos?


Right this moment, I supplied a number of methods you should use to draw these lovely birds to your yard. We talked about the very best meals and feeders, together with methods to make the encircling habitat interesting.


I’d like to know what methods have labored greatest for you?


Please go away a remark beneath, together with the precise junco species you will have been in a position to appeal to!


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