10 FUN & INTERESTING Info About Juncos! (2022)


Don’t let their small dimension idiot you.

Darkish-eyed Juncos are extremely fascinating!


These birds are widespread guests to chook feeders, particularly in winter! Personally, I really like how their white and grey tail feathers look as they fly away. 🙂


Immediately, you’ll be taught 10 FUN information about Darkish-eyed Juncos!


Get pleasure from! And I can nearly assure that after studying this publish, you’ll impress your folks along with your new information.


Reality #1. Juncos have SIX colour variations!


Actually, I don’t assume you’ll imagine this primary truth about juncos.


All of the birds you see beneath are Darkish-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis).

Different Types of Juncos


I do know it’s onerous to imagine, however it’s true. Darkish-eyed Juncos look fully completely different relying on their geographic vary!


Curiously, one function that each one the variations have in widespread is the white flash you see as they fly away, which is brought on by their outer white tail feathers.


Reality #2. Juncos LOVE to eat on the bottom.


Neglect fancy chook feeders if you wish to entice Darkish-eyed Juncos. These birds want feeding on the bottom!

attracting juncos on the ground


Severely, the very best place to identify them is hopping round below your chook feeders or round timber or shrubs on the lookout for fallen seeds.


You could possibly observe a junco RIGHT NOW on my chook feeders!

Here’s a LIVE view of my GROUND feeding station:

*Study my two LIVE cams HERE!


Reality #3. Juncos eat largely seeds.


About 75% of a junco’s food plan is seeds. The remaining consists of bugs corresponding to beetles, butterflies, ants, caterpillars, and flies in the course of the breeding season.

Naturally, Darkish-eyed Juncos eat seeds from many various crops. A number of examples are chickweed, buckwheat, lamb’s quarters, sorrel, ragweed, smartweed, pigweed, purslane, vetch, thistles, and crabgrasses.


If you wish to entice them to your feeders, then be sure to produce the next meals close to the bottom:

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Reality #4. Juncos solely migrate at night time.


Juncos migrate in the course of the night time at very low altitudes. They advanced this technique to assist keep away from predators.


Sadly, they’re nonetheless studying to adapt to people. In consequence, these small birds generally collide with communication towers and different man-made buildings.


Reality #5. Juncos are often called “Snowbirds.”


Darkish-eyed Juncos have earned the nickname “Snowbirds” or “Winterbirds” as a result of they present up each winter in lots of components of their vary.


So what is occurring right here?


Nicely, it’s not that Darkish-eyed Juncos love chilly climate. It’s simply that they spend their summers breeding in northern Canada and Alaska. So after I see these birds each winter at my feeders, it’s as a result of they’ve MIGRATED SOUTH to Ohio to keep away from the brutal winters farther north!


As you’ll be able to see, despite the fact that they’re small, these birds are extremely powerful!

fun facts about juncos


In some locations the place the climate is ideal for them, juncos will keep round all yr lengthy. I ponder in the event that they name them “All Seasons Birds” in these places?


Reality #6. Juncos have a large inhabitants.


There are roughly 200 million Darkish-eyed Juncos. This makes them one of the quite a few birds in North America!


One key to their success is their vary. Simply look how widespread they’re!

dark eyed junco range map

Credit score: All About Birds


Reality #7. They return yearly to the identical territory.


If you’re fortunate sufficient to have juncos the place you reside for the winter, chances are high you’ll in all probability have the identical birds at your feeders subsequent yr.

facts about dark-eyed juncos

That’s as a result of Darkish-eyed Juncos wish to return to the identical space every winter. Which is smart; they’re similar to us. If we discover a good restaurant, we proceed to return.


Flocks sometimes encompass 6 to twenty birds, and their territory is roughly 10 acres massive.


Reality #8. Juncos nest on the bottom!


These ground-feeding birds spend most of their lives on the bottom, so it isn’t shocking that additionally they nest on the bottom.


Sadly, their nesting location additionally means their eggs are sometimes victims of predators. Mice and chipmunks are recognized to eat their eggs.


And if that’s not dangerous sufficient:


Brown-headed Cowbirds typically lay eggs inside junco nests. More often than not, the feminine can’t acknowledge that the egg shouldn’t be hers, so she finally ends up elevating the cowbird as her chick.


Reality #9. Their track appears like a automotive alarm!


The Darkish-eyed Junco’s track is a steady sharp chirping that lasts as much as 2 seconds. It’s LOUD, and you may hear it from a number of hundred ft away.


Pay attention beneath to listen to an instance:


Due to its simplicity, the track is among the best chook songs to acknowledge.


Reality #10. Juncos are sparrows.


This junco truth might shock you:


Darkish-eyed Juncos are within the sparrow household.


So their dimension is comparable, however they’re approach prettier than your common sparrow! That’s simply my opinion, after all! 🙂


I hope you loved studying these enjoyable and thrilling information about Juncos!


Is there something you understand about Darkish-eyed Juncos you assume is value sharing?


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