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Flocking and Foraging
By Frances Wooden

That is BirdNote. 

[Winter flock of chickadees and kinglets]

Take a stroll in a temperate woodland this month, and also you may hear this refrain. [Winter flock of chickadees and kinglets and Downy Woodpecker]

A better look and pay attention reveal that this foraging flock contains a number of species of birds: chickadees, kinglets, and even a Downy Woodpecker [Downy Woodpecker]. Many chicken species eat alone, so that you may marvel why these birds have chosen to dine collectively.

Totally different species flocking collectively to search out meals, known as commensal feeding, mutually enhances success. One species assists the foraging of others.
For instance, in chickadee and woodpecker flocks, the woodpecker pecks off bark and moss, exposing grubs for its personal consumption. However the pecking additionally stirs up flying bugs that the chickadees swoop in to grab.

The connection additionally helps the woodpecker, as a result of the additional eyes of the chickadees are looking out for predators. The watchdog chickadees alert the close-focused woodpecker when there’s hazard [Chickadee sounding the notes of danger]

As a result of these birds, foraging collectively, don’t search the identical meals, the result’s cooperative—or commensal—reasonably than aggressive feeding. [More flock with Downy Woodpecker]

Discover ways to present a feast on your yard birds while you come to our web site, birdnote.org.  I’m Mary McCann.

Bird calls supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Black-capped chickadee recorded by R.S. Little; Golden-crowned Kinglets by G.A. Keller, Downy Woodpecker name, by W.W.H. Gunn; and combined flock by J. Storm.
Black-capped Chickadee 5 “dee” name recorded by C. Templeton
Producer: John Kessler
Govt Producer: Chris Peterson
© 2015 Tune In to Nature.org   February 2017/2020/2022   Narrator: Mary McCann

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