The 8 Greatest DIY Bird Feeder Poles – Plans, Photographs, & Movies!


Are you pondering of making your personal DIY Bird Feeder Pole?

Let me first congratulate you on being a devoted yard birder! It’s unbelievable that you just’re utilizing your time and creativity for such a terrific undertaking. =)


I’ve compiled an inventory of the most effective DIY Bird Feeder Poles with movies, pictures, and plans. I’m optimistic you will discover a design that’s good for you!


The 8 Greatest DIY Bird Feeder Poles:


#1. Easy Wood DIY Squirrel-Proof Feeder Pole


You will want:

  • A pressure-treated 4×4 inch put up reduce to your most popular top
  • An 8-foot pressure-treated 2×4 inch board, reduce in half widthwise
  • Eye screws -> Buy Right here
  • Aluminum flashing
  • Nails

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Screw the two×4 inch boards to the highest of the 4×4 inch put up in a cross form
  2. Screw an eye fixed screw into the tip of every 2×4 inch board to hold your feeders
  3. Put the put up into the bottom, both by digging a gap (not less than 2 toes) or utilizing a put up holder
  4. Connect aluminum flashing to the pole utilizing wooden nails

This design incorporates one of the vital important components of any fowl feeding setup: it’s squirrel-proof!


Try the under informative video, which is a full tour of their DIY Bird Feeder Pole. The video is enjoyable and simple to comply with, and the design could be easy to copy and customise.


#2. Metal Pipe DIY Feeding Station

You will want:

  • 1-inch Conduit piping – 2 lengths. (no matter your most popular top and width)
  • Strain-treated 4×4-inch block, about 8 inches lengthy
  • Concrete
  • Wooden Screws -> Buy Right here

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Drill holes into the wooden block:
    • Drill all over the block about 2 inches from the highest in your cross-post.
    • On the other finish, drill into the wooden block about 3 inches for the pole.
  2. Suit your conduit sections into the holes and screw wooden screws by way of the block to maintain them in place
  3. Bury your put up not less than 2 toes into the bottom and fill the opening with concrete to maintain the put up safe


This distinctive fowl feeder stand is glossy and easy! It could look nice in any yard. As soon as the preliminary design is assembled, cling fowl feeders immediately from the cross-posts, or use hooks.


The video provides an in depth take a look at how one can drill the wooden block to assemble the stand rapidly and simply. Utilizing concrete to anchor the pole into the bottom ensures wonderful stability!


#3. Wooden Platform DIY Bird Feeding Pole

You will want:

  • 1- 2-inch picket pole in your most popular size
  • 2- 1/2-inch picket dowels in your most popular size
  • Cup hooks -> Buy Right here
  • Sq. or rectangular scrap plywood, about 2 toes sq.
  • UV protectant spray paint -> Buy Right here

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Noticed the underside of your pole to create a pointy edge
  2. Drill a 1/2-inch gap by way of your picket pole about 3 inches from the highest
  3. Drill a second 1/2-inch gap perpendicular to the primary, about 6 inches from the highest
  4. Repair the flat board to the highest of your pole utilizing three wooden screws
  5. Hammer an extended nail into one finish of every of the dowels (these might be used for feeding fruit)
  6. Work the dowels into the pole till they’re centered
  7. Screw a cup hook into the ends of the dowels with out nails (these are to hold your feeders)
  8. Pound the finished feeder not less than 1 foot into the bottom with a mallet


The design for this DIY Bird Feeding Pole incorporates a platform and cross-posts. You should use the platform as a birdbath, a tray feeder, or a spot to supply different treats!


This feeder station is healthier for small feeders for the reason that pole and cross-posts are skinny. I might advocate utilizing feeders that weigh lower than 5 lbs. On the finish of the video is a neat DIY feeder undertaking, the peanut butter log. 


#4. DIY Bird Feeder Pole That’s Beneath $5!

You will want:

  • 1- 10-foot size {of electrical} conduit
  • A big s-hook -> Buy Right here
  • A drill with metallic and wooden bits

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Have your native ironmongery store bend the tip of your conduit at a 90-degree angle about 2 toes from the highest of the pole
  2. Drill a gap by way of the bent finish of the pole about an inch from the tip – that is the place you’ll cling your hook
  3. Drill a gap in your deck railing large sufficient to string the pole into
  4. Pound the pole not less than a foot into the bottom

In case your precedence is price financial savings, that is the undertaking for you.

The provides price lower than $5, and it’s fast and simple to finish! This design is threaded by way of a deck railing, and the bent finish of the conduit hangs out over the yard.

DIY bird feeder pole


You will want:

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Minimize the put up to size utilizing a round noticed
  2. Rout a mushy edge alongside all 4 edges of the put up
  3. Sand the put up easy with 120 grit sandpaper
  4. Bury the put up not less than 2 toes into the bottom, or use a put up holder
  5. Examine to guarantee that the put up is plumb through the use of an extended stage
  6. Safe the holders utilizing the screws that include the hanger, or chances are you’ll use galvanized screws
  7. Set your cap put up into place and safe it with a screw

This ornamental DIY fowl feeder pole could be a welcome addition to any yard. A 4×4″ put up is topped with an ornamental cap, and hooks are drilled into the perimeters to hold your feeders. The complete directions can be found right here!


One factor I might add to this design is a squirrel baffle. This baffle is a straightforward resolution that will work nicely with a 4×4″ put up:

Store Now!


You will want:

  • A 3-inch large piece {of electrical} PVC conduit (so long as you need your pole to be.)
  • 5 36-inch iron stakes (discovered within the rebar part.)
  • Drill
  • Sledgehammer/mallet
  • Manly muscular tissues.
  • Spray paint (if desired)

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Minimize the PVC pipe to your required top
  2. Drill 2 holes on either side of the pipe, utilizing a drill bit that’s the similar measurement because the stake
  3. Repeat, drilling two extra holes for the second stake
  4. Use the sting of the PVC pipe to mark on the bottom the place the pole might be (and the pole circumference)
  5. Use the mallet/sledgehammer and drive 3 of the stakes midway into the bottom in a triangular sample simply contained in the mark you made with the PVC pipe
  6. Slip the PVC pipe over the stakes & hammer the PVC into the bottom
  7. Add the final two stakes to the holes on the prime of the PVC pole
  8. Paint if desired


Due to this pole’s easy, large design, the creator hasn’t had any points along with her resident raccoons having the ability to climb as much as steal meals. However, of course, if you could have raccoons, you understand how tenacious they are often!


The multi-level cross-posts supply a number of house for feeders. Be sure to bury the PVC pipe deep sufficient to maintain the pole sturdy whereas feeders are hanging from it.


#7. Excessive-Rise Bird Feeder Pole

You will want:

  • A top-mount hopper fashion fowl feeder with mounting package
  • An adjustable painter’s pole -> Buy Right here

Fundamental Directions:

  1. Cement the bottom finish of the painter’s pole into the bottom in order that it’s regular sufficient to carry the fowl feeder
  2. Connect the hopper-style feeder to the highest finish of the painter’s pole along with your mounting package
  3. Fill the feeder and hoist into the air!


This ingenious design combines the visibility of an excellent excessive feeder with the comfort of 1 nearer to the bottom. The magic instrument that enables this flexibility is an extendable painter’s pole!


The fowl feeder attaches to the painter’s pole, and the pole goes into the bottom with an auger-style put up. Then, when it’s time to fill the feeder, you decrease the pole till the feeder is inside attain. I really like this design due to how easy it’s!

DIY bird feeder pole


#8. Scott’s DIY Pole – BWHQ’s Customized Feeding Station!

best bird feeder poles

Scott’s fowl feeding pole at Bird Watching HQ is a improbable DIY Setup!

He went all-out together with his customizations, together with a roof, platform feeder, and loads of house for hanging feeders.


To make his design squirrel proof, he makes use of a mix of two methods. First, his put up is wrapped with a stovepipe, making it more durable for squirrels to grip the pole. He additionally has a baffle put in.


Try Scott and his dad constructing his customized fowl feeder pole: (Video sped up!)


Do you could have a DIY Bird Feeder Pole?


Inform us about it within the feedback!



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