Breeding sheep promoting to £245 at Armoy


Armoy MartArmoy Mart

Fats ewes had been an outrageous commerce promoting to £189 with a whole lot of ewes nicely over the £100 mark, breeding sheep bought to £245.

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John Christie and Son, Ballintoy, 32kgs £134. Chas McCormick, Armoy, 26kgs £125. Jas Stevenson, Armoy, 28kgs £125. Jas E McCaughan, Armoy, 24kgs £124. Brendan Blaney, Cushendall, 26kgs £122. A and C Bradley, Draperstown, 24kgs £120. Richard McVicker, Bushmills, 23kgs £122. Robt Getty, Armoy, 26kgs £121. Paddy McSparran, Cushendun, 24kgs £122. Harold Chambers, Bushmills, 25kgs £120. Darren McLaughlin, Bushmills, 26kgs £120. Sharon Nutt, Bushmills, 24kgs £120.50. Brian McAllister, Dervock, 25kgs £123.50. B and A Dowey, Ballymoney, 21kgs £114. Brian Gribben, Dunloy, 27kgs £120.50. Alison Nutt, Bushmills, 25kgs £122.50. Seamus O’Neill, Martinstown, 26kgs Blackface £119.

John Holmes, Armoy, 23kgs £119. John Campbell, Ballymoney, 24kgs Blackface, £118.

A and C Bradley, Draperstown, Texel, £189. Kenny Dobbin, Ballycastle, Charollais, £184. Johnny Brown, Bushmills, Texel, £176. Jas Stevenson, Armoy, Texel, £168. A and C Bradley, Draperstown, Texel, £187. Alex McKillop, Cushendall, Suffolk, £134. Trevor Adams, Armoy, Texel, £174. Jas McCaughan, Armoy, Mules, £110. Jas Stevenson, Armoy, Texel, £160. Chas McCormick, Armoy, Texel, £143. Graham Thompson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £158. SJ and DJ Currie, Mosside, crossbred, £146. Sharon Nutt, Bushmills, Texel, £154.

Paul Barkley, Ballymoney, four-year-old ewe and twins, £245 and two-year-old ewe and twins, £238.

Sale each Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.

Watch and bid with ‘mart eye’.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.


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