What’s No Mess Bird Seed? (+10 SHELL-FREE meals to strive)


Right this moment, you’ll find out about NO MESS BIRD SEED!

As a result of let’s be sincere, feeding birds can develop into INCREDIBLY MESSY!


Severely, in the event you’re not cautious, the entire discarded shells and seed husks could make the realm beneath your fowl feeders appear to be a rubbish dump.


In case you don’t consider me, try the beneath video I made just a few years in the past. In case you press PLAY, you may see me cleansing up a GIANT mess of seed waste. It’s so massive, I wanted a rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow to cope with it.


And these big piles of seed waste aren’t good for anyone:

  • First, they’re a breeding floor for micro organism and might promote ailments amongst your yard birds.
  • Second, it’s simply disgusting. These decomposing piles of seed waste look dangerous, scent dangerous, and trigger you additional work when you need to clear it up!


Fortunately, there may be an EASY resolution that requires no additional work in your half and retains your fowl feeding station MUCH CLEANER.


Let me introduce you to NO MESS Bird Seed:

no mess bird seed

Put merely; No Mess fowl seed is meals that already has its shell or husk eliminated. Or it’s fowl meals that doesn’t have a shell within the first place (like corn).


Simply think about what would occur if each seed you fed to your birds DIDN’T have a shell? The birds would present up, eat the meals, and never go away any mess behind. Doesn’t that sound unbelievable!


I switched to no mess fowl meals just a few years in the past and have by no means seemed again. I nonetheless must tidy up my feeding space sometimes, nevertheless it’s nothing like the enormous mounds of sunflower shells that I needed to cope with earlier than.


Subsequent, let’s go over 10 sorts of fowl meals which are thought of “no mess.”


#1. SHELLED Sunflower Seeds:

Hulled sunflower seed - best birdseed types

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*Diet Data: 40% fats, 16% protein, 20% carbohydrates


Sunflower husks are usually in charge with regards to a large number beneath your fowl feeders. Most birds, comparable to Northern Cardinals and Home Finches, crack open every seed to get to the kernel inside. The big shell is then discarded to the bottom beneath.


Shopping for sunflower seeds which have already had their shell eliminated will instantly preserve your feeding space MUCH CLEANER.


And in my view, shelled sunflower seeds are the BEST meals to make use of as a result of it attracts the widest number of species. Additionally, some birds can’t crack open sunflower seeds that also have a shell, so they’ll recognize the laborious work that has been accomplished for them!


#2. SHELLED peanuts:

peanut food for birds

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*Diet Data: 49% fats, 26% protein, 19% carbohydrates


Shelled peanuts are an amazing meals to offer at your feeding station. Not solely do birds love consuming them, however they’re wholesome and supply a major quantity of fats and protein, each of that are necessary to birds, particularly throughout chilly winter months.


#3. Corn:

corn as a no mess bird food

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Fortunately, corn doesn’t have any shell or husk, so utilizing it helps preserve your feeding space clear. And one other nice function of corn is that it’s cheap to buy in comparison with different sorts of fowl seed and meals. For instance, at my native dwelling enchancment retailer, I should buy a big bag for round $10!


However, you need to watch out feeding corn. I’ve discovered that many birds eat it, nevertheless it’s not as widespread as sunflower seeds or peanuts. As well as, it begins to rot and go dangerous sooner than different seeds.


So in the event you put out an excessive amount of, particularly on the bottom, it might sit uneaten for too lengthy and begin to decompose. And if that occurs, you simply created an enormous mess that you just have been hoping to keep away from!


#4. White Millet

white proso millet birdseed


*Diet Data: 4% fats, 11% protein, 73% carbohydrates


Millet is a favourite meals amongst ground-feeding birds. It’s typically not offered individually however is included in lots of birdseed mixes.


Although it’s small, there’s a shell on this tiny spherical seed. Some birds eat millet complete, whereas others crack it open and go away behind the small hull. Personally, I’ve by no means seen sufficient waste leftover from white millet husks to be involved about.


However there are literally some no-mess fowl seed blends on the market that embrace HULLED white millet, so that you don’t have to fret about ANY waste. However I’ve discovered that almost all no-mess fowl seed mixes simply embrace white millet that also has a shell.


Whether or not you need your white millet hulled or not is as much as you. Nevertheless, I’ve included a fowl seed mix for every possibility beneath, no matter your desire.

no mess bird seed


#5. Safflower

safflower - best bird food

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*Diet content material: 38% fats, 16% protein, 34% carbohydrates


In full disclosure, safflower seeds aren’t actually thought of “no mess” meals. These small seeds have a tough shell that surrounds the meals inside.


However, when birds crack open the shell, it’s so tiny that it hardly leaves any mess. The husks simply appear to blow away within the wind. I’ve by no means gone exterior and complained in regards to the mess that safflower seeds make!


And most birds that eat safflower seeds, like Mourning Doves or Blue Jays, simply swallow it complete in any case. 🙂


Different meals which are thought of NO MESS!


different types of bird seed guide

  • #8. Hummingbird nectar

    • Sitting in your nectar feeder, sugar water is tremendous clear. Even when slightly spills on the bottom, you could simply have to fret about just a few ants.
  • #9 Mealworms

    • Whether or not they’re freeze-dried or alive, this nutritious meals leaves nothing behind.
  • #10. Dried fruit

    • Introduce dried fruit slowly. It’s a superb complement, nevertheless it received’t be eaten as a lot as different meals.


Are you able to go all-in on NO MESS fowl seed?


As you recognize, I believe it’s an amazing thought. However first, let’s handle the ONLY detrimental:


No mess fowl seed prices more cash. (Evaluate the prices beneath)

no mess sunflower seeds

Click on the hyperlinks beneath to see the value distinction on Amazon:



There is no such thing as a getting round the truth that a bag of shelled sunflower seeds prices far more than the identical measurement bag of sunflower seeds that also has a shell.


However, there are different issues to think about.


First, once you purchase a bag of shelled sunflower seeds, you might be getting far more fowl meals. Simply give it some thought; you aren’t paying for the shells and all of the room that the shells take up!

It’s estimated {that a} 50 lb bag of black-oil sunflower seed contains round 40% % shell or hull, so solely 60% of the meals is edible. Nevertheless, when you purchase a bag of shelled sunflower seeds, 100% of the bag is edible!


Second, how a lot effort and time do you spend cleansing beneath your feeders?


Or are your feeders positioned on a deck, patio, or balcony, and it’s crucial that it stays clear?

Personally, I’m okay with spending more cash on no mess fowl meals to keep away from the disgusting mess that accumulates at my feeding station. By not continually worrying in regards to the waste, I benefit from the interest far more, which is value the additional cash I’ve to spend!


Do you wish to be taught extra about NO MESS fowl seed?


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