Chinstrap Penguin Information


Chinstrap penguins pose on the Newport Aquarium.

{Photograph} by Joel Sartore, Nationwide Geographic Photograph Ark

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Frequent Identify: Chinstrap Penguin

Scientific Identify: Pygoscelis antarcticus

Weight loss program: Carnivore

Group Identify: Colony

Measurement: 28 inches

Weight: 6.6–11.0 kilos

IUCN Purple Listing Standing: ? Least concern

Least Concern Extinct

Present Inhabitants Development: Reducing

Immediately recognizable by the black band that offers them their title, chinstrap penguins are probably the most plentiful penguin within the Antarctic, the place they collect in huge breeding colonies.

After spending the winter north of the ocean ice, chinstraps return in late October or early November to their nest websites, often with the identical breeding companions. These colonies are on the rocky, ice-free coasts of the South Sandwich Islands, South Shetland Islands, and Antarctic continent.

The sheer variety of birds within the colonies is astounding. The biggest colony, on the uninhabited South Sandwich island of Zavodovski, hosts some 1.2 million breeding pairs. Baily Head within the South Shetland Islands is residence to greater than 100,000 pairs.

Breeding and nesting

A feminine chinstrap sometimes will lay two eggs in a round nest constructed from stones. The mother and father share egg-sitting duties, every spending a number of days on the nest earlier than a shift change. After about 37 days, the chicks hatch. They spend one other few weeks within the nest, then waddle right into a crèche, the place the fluffy, grey juveniles are cared for communally. At round two months previous, they get their grownup feathers and are capable of head to sea.


Within the water, the place they feed totally on krill, the penguins’ essential predator is the leopard seal. On land, chinstraps face threats from skuas, big petrels, and different birds that steal the penguins’ eggs and assault chicks, in addition to a extra uncommon risk: volcanic exercise. An ill-timed eruption in 2016 on Zavodovski Island coated a lot of the colony in ash because the birds had been present process their annual molt. Throughout molt, after they lose their waterproof feathers, they’re land-locked and might’t go within the sea till their feathers regrow.

Chinstrap penguin numbers elevated within the mid-Twentieth century, attributed by some to the rebound of krill from centuries of seal and whale searching. Right now, some populations are declining, although not precipitously. Restrictions are in place to maintain vacationers from approaching breeding birds too carefully.

Chinstrap penguins could also be cute, however get too shut and your endearing notion of those birds could also be examined, given their penchant for projectile pooping and beating one another up.


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