10 Superior Advantages of Utilizing NO-MESS Bird Seed!


In case you might be unaware, the time period “No Mess” or “No Waste” hen seed refers to meals that’s already had the shells eliminated.

For instance, take into consideration a sunflower seed. A no-mess mix doesn’t embrace the laborious outer shell. It simply consists of the scrumptious kernel for the birds to eat.


Relating to feeding birds, making the swap to NO MESS hen seed was the most effective issues I’ve ever accomplished.


Critically, cleansing up the piles and piles of discarded shells beneath feeders is each time-consuming and gross. I can’t think about a state of affairs the place I’d return to purchasing hen seed that hasn’t already been hulled.


Sadly, many individuals are turned off by no mess hen seed due to its increased worth. It’s true, for a similar dimension bag, you’ll pay extra for meals with out shells. However for my part, the advantages of no mess hen seed far outweigh the additional prices.


And at this time, I’m offering you with TEN unbelievable advantages of utilizing NO MESS meals!

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#1. No-Mess hen meals saves time.


Earlier than I began utilizing no-mess seeds, I usually wanted to wash the realm beneath my feeders. The variety of shells that collected was unbelievable! There have been so many I’d usually want a rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow to dispose of all of them correctly.


Critically, take a look at the video beneath. You will notice each the quantity of waste that piled up and the hassle to wash it up.


However guess what occurred once I switched to no-mess hen seed?


Since there are not any extra shells, this can be very uncommon for me to wash the bottom space anymore. On occasion, I simply should take a rake and type of “clean up.”


Over the previous few years, I’ve saved COUNTLESS hours and power by not having to wash and eliminate all of the seed waste!


#2. My feeding station space seems to be significantly better.


Earlier than I began utilizing No Mess meals, the realm beneath my feeder was a disgusting pile of waste! Because the layers of shells collected, the bottom would begin to look worse and worse.


My feeding station is in the back of my yard and is visited usually on my own and different individuals. To not point out, as you most likely know, I’ve LIVE cameras that watch my feeding station. So I began to change into very conscious of the “aesthetics” of my feeding space. And let me inform you, it was not good!

To see my yard, take a look at this interview about me and Bird Watching HQ on PBS:


Fortunately, switching to no mess hen seed modified the looks of my feeding station in a single day! It seems to be so significantly better with none shell waste.


As an alternative of being embarrassed by the enormous mess, now I’m proud to point out off my feeding station to everybody. 🙂


#3. It helps shield your birds from illness.

benefits of no mess bird seed

An excellent advantage of no-mess hen seed is that it helps maintain your birds secure!


As shells and different waste begin to pile up, your feeding station can change into a breeding floor for micro organism. And all that micro organism can promote ailments, which might simply have an effect on the birds and different animals in your yard.


If you happen to resolve to not use no-mess hen seed, then you definitely MUST be very diligent about cleansing the bottom beneath your feeders to assist shield your birds.


#4. No-mess hen seed doesn’t scent!


As laborious as I attempted, it was laborious to maintain up all of the shell waste. Particularly, I keep in mind there have been instances after we would have prolonged durations of rain. Due to the rain, I wasn’t capable of get outdoors as a lot to wash, however the seed waste was nonetheless piling up WHILE additionally being uncovered to a lot of moisture.


And in case you forgot this essential equation from algebra: 


Waste + Moisture + Time = TERRIBLE SMELL. 🙂

why you should use no mess bird seed

There have been instances I’d head out to my feeding station and be greatly surprised by the stench of the rotting shells. And I used to be amazed at how briskly this might occur with the correct climate situations.


Fortunately, discarded shells don’t accumulate with no-mess meals, so that you by no means have to fret a couple of ripe stench. 🙂


#5. No-Mess hen meals is a greater VALUE.


There is no such thing as a getting round the truth that a bag of no-mess seeds prices greater than the identical dimension bag of seeds that also has a shell.


However, there are different issues to think about.


While you purchase a bag of NO MESS hen seed, you might be getting far more hen meals. Simply give it some thought; you aren’t paying for the shells and all of the room that the shells take up!

benefits of no waste bird seed

For instance, it’s estimated {that a} 50 lb (22.6 kg) bag of black-oil sunflower seed includes round 40% % shell or hull, so solely 60% of the meals is edible. Nonetheless, when you purchase a bag of shelled sunflower seeds, 100% of the bag is edible!


#6. The uneaten seeds WON’T germinate.

reasons to use no waste bird seed

Some individuals have issues with seeds that don’t get eaten. Sadly, they find yourself germinating and changing into weeds round their yard.


Properly, fortunately, seeds which have their shell eliminated CAN’T develop. Yep, the outer shell is required for sprouting, so with no-mess seeds, you gained’t want to fret about any weed surprises.


#7. Your grass gained’t die!


Black-oil sunflower seeds which are nonetheless within the shell are arguably the most well-liked hen meals that individuals use. They’re fairly cheap, they usually entice an enormous quantity of species.

benefits of no waste bird seed

However do you know that the shells have a toxin that inhibits different vegetation from rising?


Having these toxins is an evolutionary benefit for sunflowers. Since different vegetation hopefully can’t germinate round their seeds, the sprouted sunflower has a better probability of surviving.


However, so far as feeding birds go, sunflower shells have a devastating impact in your grass. Simply think about what occurs when piles and piles of sunflower shells accumulate collectively? That’s a number of toxins going into the bottom, which makes the soil ungrowable.


Don’t consider me? I used to be capable of get these two pictures from my yard feeding station that reveals the impact of sunflower shells.

The “After” photograph occurred lower than a 12 months after the “Earlier than” image. It’s fairly loopy to see how rapidly the grass died from the black-oil sunflower shells!


#8. NO-MESS hen seed attracts essentially the most species!

no waste bird seed attracts a large variety of species

In my view, the truth that no-mess hen seed can draw within the largest number of birds is one in all its BEST advantages!


Not all birds have beaks which are nice at cracking massive sunflower seeds. For instance, goldfinches and native sparrows MUCH favor to eat hulled sunflower. Each of those species don’t love (or can’t) to open massive, laborious seeds.


As well as, there are numerous sorts of birds that aren’t thought-about “feeder” birds as a result of they don’t eat seeds. However many of those species will cease by to pattern a no-mess mix as a result of they don’t should open up a shell. Some examples embrace warblers, catbirds, bushtits, mockingbirds, bluebirds, wrens, and robins.


#9. You gained’t should refill your feeders as a lot.


As we simply mentioned, seeds with shells take up extra room than no-mess hen meals.


If you happen to fill your feeders with seeds with shells, then doubtlessly 40% of the feeder is full of inedible materials.


However in case you are utilizing a No-Mess combine, the whole feeder comprises meals that will probably be eaten! So genuinely, you might be providing far more meals, which is able to final so much longer within the feeders, which suggests you don’t have to refill them as a lot!


#10. Cleansing your feeders is simpler.


The final purpose you must use No-Mess hen seed is that it retains your hen feeders cleaner.


The reason being easy. There are not any shells or different particles to make a multitude! Just about 100% of the bag of meals will probably be eaten.


Sadly, discarded shells get caught in all kinds of locations and small crevices.


*Need to be taught extra about hen meals that doesn’t embrace waste?*

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Why do you want utilizing NO-MESS hen seed?


Tell us within the COMMENTS beneath. 🙂


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