Spellbinding new ‘selfie’ video captures penguin feasting on big sardine ball


A spellbinding new “selfie” video captures a Gentoo penguin feasting on an enormous ball of sardines and hovering by way of the ocean off Argentina.

Gentoo penguins usually feed close to the seabed, however this new footage from the Beagle Channel in southern Argentina proves they dine on shoals of sardines close to the floor given the possibility. 

“We wrote in lots of papers that the seabird neighborhood within the Beagle Channel depend on sardines however that is the precise proof, and now it’s confirmed and with a star behind the digital camera: the penguin,” Andrea Raya Rey, an affiliate researcher at WCS Argentina and researcher on the Argentine authorities’s CADIC-CONICET analysis middle, stated in an announcement.

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Argentina launched the footage on Jan. 20 to have a good time Penguin Consciousness Day. 

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The Gentoo penguin with a digital camera on its again. (Picture credit score: Sabrina Harris)


Gentoo penguins are the third-largest penguins and develop as much as 35 inches (90 centimeters) tall, in keeping with the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They reside round Antarctica in a band that stretches as much as southern South America. 

A analysis workforce from CADIC-CONICET strapped a particular waterproof digital camera referred to as “PenguinCam” to a male Gentoo penguin as a part of a collaborative analysis challenge with WCS Argentina, the Antarctic Analysis Belief and the Tawaki Challenge,

“We connected the system only for one foraging journey,” Raya Rey stated. On that journey, they recorded him slicing by way of faculties of sardines to select off particular person fish. The video additionally reveals different searching penguins, in addition to cormorants and albatross diving in for their very own sardines from above the floor. 

The workforce eliminated the PenguinCam after the penguin returned from his fishing journey and monitored his breeding nest to make sure he was unaffected by the expertise. “The Gentoo continued with its parental duties and caring for the offspring,” Raya Rey stated. 

The analysis is a part of a long-term effort by WCS and their collaborators to review the meals and area wants of penguins and assist defend them. 

Initially revealed on Stay Science.


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