White-tailed Hawks on the Texas Coastal Plain



White-tailed Hawks on the Texas Coastal Plain

Written by Bob Sundstrom

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[White-tailed Hawk call, ML 285216591, 0:01-0:03, repeat]

The Coastal Plain of Texas runs from the southern tip of the state to southwestern Louisiana. Right here, many tropical species of birds attain the northern restrict of their ranges, together with this huge chook of prey: the White-tailed Hawk. Not like many different hawks, this species thrives right here within the grassy plains dotted with mesquite, yucca, and some scattered timber. 

[White-tailed Hawk call, ML 285216591, 0:01-0:03, repeat]

They’re good-looking hawks: slate grey above, offset by reddish-brown shoulder patches. The underside is immaculate white, and so is the tail, which ends in a neat black band. The wings are greater than 4 ft throughout and really broad.

[White-tailed Hawk call, ML 285216591, 0:01-0:03, repeat]

White-tailed Hawks typically hunt by kiting: hovering like a kite within the breeze with the wings held in a “V” above the physique. From this place, a hawk can drop instantly on prey like small mammals, birds, lizards and snakes. They snatch grasshoppers and different large bugs from the air, rapidly transferring them to the beak — a little bit of eating on the wing.

When a grass fireplace breaks out, White-tailed Hawks collect rapidly to hunt small animals fleeing from the hearth’s edge.

    [fire crackling]
[White-tailed Hawk, ML 246536571, 0:15-0:18]

In any other case, the good-looking White-tailed Hawk is a shy chook of prey, staying a long way from admiring observers. 

[White-tailed Hawk call, ML 285216591, 0:01-0:03, repeat]

For BirdNote, I’m Ariana Remmel.

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Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. White-tailed Hawk ML 285216591 recorded by G. Leite, and White-tailed Hawk ML 246536571 recorded by T. Amaral.
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