AVOID These 5 “Filler” Meals Present in Birdseed Mixes!


Sadly, not all chook seeds are created equal!

Actually, many chook meals producers appear to be actively making an attempt to trick us. Right here’s what they do:


So to get the worth decrease, these firms fill their luggage of birdseed with the least costly meals they’ll discover. However right here’s the issue:


Most birds DO NOT eat these low cost “filler” seeds.


When you purchase birdseed mixes with the beneath components, a lot of the meals can be wasted. I do know this sounds loopy, and truthfully, I feel it’s fairly evil. However sadly, some producers appear to care little or no if the seed mixes they promote truly appeal to birds.


As well as, these firms will put stunning photos of Northern Cardinals or Blue Jays on the bag. However in actuality, these birds will barely eat ANYTHING that’s inside. Severely, it looks as if their purpose is to TRICK individuals into shopping for their seed combine.

For instance, take a look at this birdseed mix:

bad and awful bird seed

Wagner’s Farmers DelightComponents: Milo, Cracked Corn, White Millet, Black-oil Sunflower Seeds


Right now, I’m going to indicate you FIVE sorts of meals it’s best to keep away from!

  • *BONUS: Be certain to scroll to the underside to additionally see TWO meals it’s best to solely feed moderately.


Perhaps if everybody stopped shopping for chook meals that contained the next poor components, then they might disappear from the cabinets, and we’d be left with solely high quality merchandise. As well as, consider how a lot meals and agricultural assets get wasted?


#1. Milo (aka Sorghum)

worst birdseed for mixes

Milo, additionally referred to as sorghum, is the most typical “filler” ingredient you can find in birdseed mixes. It’s VERY low cost and does an incredible job filling up a bag.


The issue is that the majority birds don’t eat milo!


Nearly each species that visits will kick it off the feeder to the bottom, the place it is going to sit till it rots and decomposes.


Just a few birds ACTUALLY eat milo:

  • Floor-feeding birds, like turkeys, quail, pheasants, and doves.
  • European Starlings and Home Sparrows, that are each invasive species to North America. Most individuals need LESS of those two birds at their feeding station, so it’s not an incredible thought to purchase meals that caters explicitly to each of them! 


Severely, it’s best to keep away from milo in any respect prices! Even when the bag of birdseed is reasonable, you’re losing your cash as a result of the milo will not be going to be eaten.


The one exception with milo is in the event you stay within the southwest United States. On this space, just a few birds truly take pleasure in consuming milo, similar to Curve-billed Thrashers and Stellar’s Jays.


#2. Canary Seed

Canary Grass Seed


Doesn’t the title inform you every little thing you must know?


Canary seed will not be an incredible meals to make use of at your feeders; it’s finest for pet birds! Just a few sorts of ground-feeding birds will eat it, together with Home Sparrows.


As well as, canary seeds are costlier by weight than cracked corn and even white proso millet, so it simply looks as if an costly different that ought to be eradicated.


What drives me essentially the most loopy about canary seed is that it’s usually included in blends for finches and goldfinches. However the BEST meals to draw these birds are usually hulled sunflower seeds and nyjer seeds, NOT canary seeds. My guess is that canary seed is added as a advertising and marketing tactic since many individuals suppose that vibrant and exquisite goldfinches resemble canaries. 


#3. Oats


There may be actually no motive for oats to be provided at your feeding station.


Just a few birds, like European Starlings and grackles, will eat the oats in a birdseed combine. So in order for you quite a lot of each of those birds, go forward and go loopy with oats! 🙂


#4. Wheat

Birds appear to take pleasure in consuming “gluten-free” as a result of it’s uncommon for them ever to eat wheat.


#5. Flax Seeds

Personally, I LOVE consuming flax seeds. I put this wholesome meals in my smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal.


However birds don’t share the identical appreciation for flax. Consequently, this meals isn’t eaten when included in birdseed mixtures.


*BONUS – Two Meals You Ought to Solely Use in Moderation:



best bird food types

Somewhat little bit of corn, each cracked and entire kernels, is nice to feed birds. It’s cheap and may appeal to all kinds of species.


However since cracked corn is tremendous low cost, some firms attempt to stuff as a lot as attainable into their birdseed mixes.


And with corn, an excessive amount of is NOT factor.


The issue is that corn spoils faster than different seeds when uncovered to moist climate. And if mould seems, then you will must conduct an intensive cleansing of your chook feeders.


As well as, corn will not be eaten as readily as different meals, like peanuts and sunflower seeds. So if an excessive amount of corn is obtainable, it might are likely to accumulate on the bottom or in your feeders, which boosts the likelihood that the corn will deteriorate and spoil!


Simply keep in mind that a bit little bit of corn is nice, however loads will not be!



Millet is a good meals to make use of for ground-feeding birds. For instance, doves and native sparrows, like Darkish-eyed Juncos and Tune Sparrows, LOVE consuming millet. Consequently, it’s quite common to see millet added as an ingredient in lots of sorts of birdseed mixes.


However there are lots of sorts of birds that don’t eat millet. Some examples embrace yard favorites like cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches, who’re simply going to toss millet apart to get to the meals they take pleasure in consuming.


So millet shouldn’t be the first ingredient in your seed mix. As an alternative, you need sunflower seeds to prepared the ground, with just a bit little bit of millet included.


Lastly, you’ll run into two sorts of millet: white and crimson.


Birds that eat white millet will even eat crimson millet and vice versa. But when each sorts are current, white millet is the popular alternative.


It’s essential begin checking the components of chook seed blends earlier than buying.

bird seed for backyard feeding station plans



Identical to the meals you buy to eat, it’s very important to examine the components of any birdseed combine you purchase.


If you wish to see an incredible instance of a awful birdseed mix, then take a look at this selection on Amazon (be sure to click on the image to zoom in on the components). And if the seed mix wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, cherry-flavored oil was added, which is only a advertising and marketing gimmick as a result of birds can’t odor or style!


So what are the BEST chook meals to make use of?


If you’d like a profitable chook feeding station, you must fill your feeders with sunflower seeds, peanuts, nyjer seeds, safflower seeds, and suet. It’s additionally nice to have a bit little bit of corn and white millet, however not an excessive amount of. My recommendation is to experiment with totally different meals to see what your native birds desire at your feeding station.


Have you ever come throughout some other “filler” meals?


If that’s the case, tell us beneath what we have to be careful for!


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