The Nice Horned Owl Nest



Nice Horned Owl Household, Half II

Written by Bob Sundstrom

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[Pair of Great Horned Owls hooting]

We frequently consider Spring because the nesting season for birds. However Nice Horned Owls nest in winter, as a result of younger owls take a very long time to develop up.

This pair occupies a big stick nest in a tall cottonwood, a nest that Pink-tailed Hawks constructed final yr.

The feminine Nice Horned Owl — which outweighs the male by a 3rd — [Sound of female Great Horned Owl] incubated the eggs for a full month, by no means leaving the nest. The male [Sound of male Great Horned Owl] hunted for each.

When the eggs hatched, the downy owlets have been the dimensions of new child chickens. The male remained the only supplier for one more two weeks, till the younger placed on a second set of down feathers.

Now, the younger may be left alone whereas each grownup Nice Horned Owls resume searching at twilight. From elevated perches, they plunge with silent wings onto prey under. They take mice, rabbits, and opossum, duck and crows — even skunks and younger raccoons. [Great Horned Owl pair hooting]

The younger owls will stay with their mother and father for a number of months. And since the cycle began in winter, the younger may have an abundance of prey when they’re lastly on their very own.

To see pictures of Nice Horned Owls, come to I’m Mary McCann.


Sounds of the Nice Horned Owl supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Hoots of the pair recorded by W.R. Fish; nestlings by
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