Massive Sur Condor Nest Cam


The Ventana Wildlife Society, a company devoted to releasing captive-bred California Condors since 1997, operates the Massive Sur Condor Nest cam. The group units up cameras at nests in its sanctuary and infrequently within the wild. 

The birds are most lively from late morning to early afternoon. Additionally, in the event you see a condor whereas watching the digicam, you’re inspired to trace your sighting on Condor Spotter, a web-based information that means that you can determine free-flying California Condors by way of their vinyl wing tags.

Different animal species which will seem on the cameras embrace mountain lions, bobcats, black-tailed deer, Bald and Golden Eagles, ravens, and bluebirds. 

The place do California Condors reside?

California Condors reside within the coastal hills and mountains of California, across the Grand Canyon in Arizona and close by southern Utah, and within the northern Baja California peninsula of Mexico. And in recent times, a number of of the massive birds have wandered so far as southern Wyoming and central New Mexico. 

The condor’s vary through the Pleistocene Period, which ended 10,000 years in the past, coated a lot of North America, however by the early 1800s, it had shrunk to simply the Pacific coast. 

What’s California Condor’s habitat?

California Condor habitat is mountain areas of southern California and the area close to the Grand Canyon. The birds require giant open areas of distant nation for foraging, roosting, and nesting. 

Foraging habitat contains open grasslands and oak savannah foothills the place giant animals, like cattle and deer, reside. These places might be removed from nesting places, and condors could journey as much as 150 miles per day searching for meals. 

The place do California Condor’s nest?

California Condors normally nest in cavities of cliffs and infrequently giant timber like coast redwood or big sequoia. Based on All About Birds, condor pairs have a number of nesting places, and the feminine will in the end resolve on the positioning. 

Eggs are laid on the positioning flooring, and the birds will assemble free piles from particles similar to rocks and gravel. The piles are about three ft huge and eight inches deep. 

What number of eggs do condors lay?

Feminine California Condors lay one egg per nesting cycle. Younger condors can’t fly for the primary 5 to 6 months of their life and will proceed to depend on their mother and father for one more six months after that. The size of the dependence causes the father or mother birds to skip a nesting cycle earlier than attempting once more. 

The grownup condors could attempt to lay a second egg if the primary one is misplaced early sufficient within the breeding season. It takes 4 to 5 weeks for a alternative egg to be laid. 

What do California Condors eat?

California Condors eat carrion of land and sea mammals similar to deer, cattle, sea lions, and whales. They get calcium from swallowing fragments of bone from the carcasses. 

Condors discover meals via sight, not scent, or by observing different scavengers from the sky. The birds will scare away different fowl species, however they’re normally tolerant of one another whereas feeding. 

The birds can maintain as much as three kilos of meals of their crop (an enlarged a part of the esophagus) to assist preserve physique weight between feeding days. 

determine California Condors?

Determine California Condors by their giant and broad wings, with lengthy main feathers making their wingtips appear like fingers. Whereas in flight, their physique is noticeably cumbersome, and their head seems to be small. 

The California Condor is the most important fowl species in North America, and each men and women can develop to about 4 ft in size, weigh between 15-20 kilos, and their wingspan can measure over 9 ft. 

Grownup condors are all black with white spots beneath their wings, with bare heads and yellowish-orange necks. Immature condors are grayer with darker heads. The birds attain their grownup coloration round age 7. 

Which is greater, a California Condor or an eagle?

California Condors are greater than each Golden and Bald Eagles. 

To inform the distinction between Golden Eagles and California Condors in flight, discover that eagles don’t have steady white patches beneath their wings like condors do. 

Search for the white head and white tail feathers of grownup Bald Eagles. California Condors have black tail feathers, and their heads are featherless. 

What’s the distinction between a California Condor and a Turkey Vulture?

There are a number of variations between California Condors and Turkey Vultures. Condors are a lot greater and have black main and secondary feathers with white streaks, whereas Turkey Vultures have white feathers beneath their wings with black suggestions. 

What’s the conservation standing of California Condors?

The conservation standing for California Condors is critically endangered, and whereas the inhabitants is rising, it’s nonetheless depending on human conservation efforts. 

The inhabitants surpassed the critically endangered threshold in 2019, however BirdLife Worldwide received’t contemplate downlisting the species till 2024 attributable to a five-year rule about downlisting species. 

The U.S. formally listed the species as endangered in 1967, and there have been fewer than 25 remaining by 1982. In 1987, the remaining California Condors have been introduced into captivity for an intensive conservation and breeding program to avoid wasting the species. In 1992, captive-bred birds started being launched to the wild, and by 2008 there have been extra condors within the wild than in captivity. All California Condors within the wild descend from that authentic group. 

Each September on Nationwide Public Lands Day, The Peregrine Fund releases captive-bred juveniles from a launch website at Vermilion Cliffs Nationwide Monument in Arizona.

What number of California Condors are left?

There are 504 complete California Condors on the earth. No fewer than 329 reside within the wild, and 175 are in captivity, in accordance with the U.S. Inside Division’s 2020 annual inhabitants examine. 

In 2019, the inhabitants had 519 birds, 337 of which have been within the wild, which implies that the inhabitants declined in 2020 — the primary time since not less than 2010.

What killed the California Condor?

Lead poisoning is likely one of the main killers amongst recognized causes for California Condor deaths, accounting for about half of the full deaths of birds within the wild from 1992 to 2020, in accordance with the federal 2020 annual inhabitants examine. 

The birds devour lead by consuming carcasses of animals that have been killed utilizing lead ammunition. In 2013, California handed a legislation requiring non-lead ammunition use by hunters. In 2019, the state absolutely carried out it.

Different widespread threats to the wild condor inhabitants embrace poison baits, environmental pollution, and collisions with powerlines and buildings. 

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