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The Royal Pigeons

Written by Mark Bramhill

Mark Bramhill: That is BirdNote.

[Pigeon coos, ML 144324561]

Mark Bramhill: It is arduous to consider a extra lowly regarded fowl than the pigeon. However as Rosemary Mosco writes in her ebook A Pocket Information to Pigeon Watching, folks and pigeons return hundreds of years, and had been beloved by royalty. Akbar the Nice, ruler of the Mughal Empire within the sixteenth Century, stored over 20,000 pigeons.

Rosemary Mosco: Akbar the Nice would have visiting dignitaries watch his pigeons fly spherical, and his hope was to type of subdue them into awe and, you already know, have them wish to do enterprise with him.

Mark Bramhill: And in components of Europe, from the center ages onward, pigeon-owning was a privilege:

Rosemary Mosco: Like in France and within the UK, you had been solely actually allowed to have pigeons for those who had been a Royal.

Mark Bramhill: England stopped implementing this pigeon-exclusivity within the mid-1600s. Over a century later in France, peasants who constructed illicit pigeon homes had been nonetheless being pressured to destroy them. In the meantime, the elites’ pigeons had been allowed to fly into peasants’ fields and snack on their crops. So pigeon possession grew to become a flashpoint within the French Revolution.

Rosemary Mosco: When the poor rose up, one of many issues they did was they smashed the entire pigeon homes. And the folks in cost desperately handed by means of these measures that mentioned that, “sure, OK, the poor can preserve pigeons.”

[Pigeon coos, ML 144324561]

Mark Bramhill: Pigeons are not unique to the Aristocracy — however subsequent time you see these birds, contemplate giving them slightly extra respect. For BirdNote, I am Mark Bramhill.


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