The Warbler That Loves Pines



The Warbler That Loves Pines

Written by Conor Gearin

That is BirdNote.
[Pine Warbler song, ML 107410]

Most warblers don’t make appearances at chicken feeders, however Pine Warblers typically do. They’re distinctive amongst warblers of their fondness for seeds. You’ll find them year-round in pine forests of the southeast U.S., the Bahamas, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. And if the place to look this spring, you will have an excellent probability of seeing them migrate by cities within the Midwest and East Coast. 

If there’s a pine or two in a close-by park or yard, search for a small, agile chicken selecting by needles for caterpillars, bugs and seeds. And pay attention for its track, a sweet-sounding trill of about two seconds.

[Pine Warbler song, ML 107410]

Pine Warblers have a yellowish neck, with the yellow reaching all the way down to the stomach on the males. Their backs are olive inexperienced, their wings black with white wing bars.

True to their identify, Pine Warblers spend most of their lives in pine timber, the place they discover their meals and make their nests out of twigs, needles and spiderwebs. 

    [Pine Warbler calls, ML 110201]

This quirky warbler can be distinctive in its tendency to sing each month of the yr. So whether or not they solely move by your neck of the woods whereas migrating or are year-round residents, you’ll be able to benefit from the Pine Warbler’s candy little trills.

[Pine Warbler song, ML 236521081]

For BirdNote, I’m Michael Stein.

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