Why Does My Hamster Have a Bald Spot?


At first, you might not even discover that little patch of lacking hair in your little hamster buddy, however generally it might proceed to develop till it is obviously apparent. Alopecia, extra generally known as hair loss or balding, is not an unusual expertise for a lot of hamsters. In fact we care about our tiny sidekicks — my first hamster received me via ultimate exams and supplied a shocking quantity of stress aid. So what are you able to do to ensure they’re wholesome and looking out fly for his or her subsequent tiny hamster BBQ? We requested vets to weigh in.

What is perhaps inflicting my hamster’s hair loss?

Sadly there’s not one easy reply to this query. “Hair loss can happen for a lot of causes in hamsters,” stated Susan Brown, DVM, founding father of the primary all-exotic animal veterinary hospital within the nation: Midwest Bird and Unique Animal Hospital in Elmwood Park, IL. “This lack of hair might be on account of each illness and nondisease situations.” All that rubbing your hamster could do in opposition to the cage could be a possible nondisease explanation for balding. The continuous friction could put on away hair in a particular location.

Then once more, the trigger is perhaps associated to a particular illness. “Demodex mites are the commonest exterior parasite inflicting issues in hamsters . . . The presence of those mites ends in dry, scaly pores and skin and subsequent hair loss,” Dr. Brown stated. Different potential causes famous by Dr. Brown embrace adrenal tumors, thyroid deficiency, interactions with cagemates, and persistent renal illness. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the entire potential culprits? The excellent news is, relying on the trigger, there could also be an answer to your hamster’s hair loss.

What can I do about my hamster’s hair loss?

Whatever the particular explanation for your hamster’s hair loss, your veterinarian shall be your greatest ally in arising with a technique to deal with the issue. Christoph Mans, DVM, a medical affiliate professor of zoological drugs on the College of Wisconsin, stated that in some instances deep pores and skin scrapes are vital for a prognosis. Discovering the trigger might be vital in case there is a critical well being downside at play. However strive to not fret — even infections like Demodex mites are treatable, in accordance with Dr. Brown. In case your hamster is experiencing a mite an infection, your veterinarian could suggest cleansing out your hamster’s cage. Different options embrace prescribing a lot of antibiotics to resolve the scenario.

Medicines could must be administered orally, on the pores and skin, or by way of injection. It is vital to do not forget that therapy ought to lengthen past decision of medical indicators, in accordance with Dr. Mans, so remember to end the total therapy that your vet prescribes. Additionally remember to present the treatment precisely as prescribed to be able to forestall over- or underdosing your hamster.

Your veterinarian may additionally aid you to resolve behavioral causes of fur loss, like over-rubbing the cage. Typically rubbing could also be related together with your hamster biting his cage. On this scenario your veterinarian would possibly suggest options that will deter the hamster from biting the cage, like distracting your hamster with new chewing toys.

Though it might be tough to determine what’s behind that balding fur, there are therapies accessible for a few of these causes. If you happen to’re involved about your hamster, remember to take your little furry buddy to the veterinarian, and so they’ll aid you discover a answer.


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