Hamster Seems to be So Glad Consuming His Fortunate Coronary heart-Formed Cucumber Slice


Hamsters love snacking on fruit and greens, and so they can look fairly cute doing so. A single slice of apple, pear, or banana is sort of as huge as their tiny heads, however they will munch via them very quickly. One Japan-based hamster named Mashiro is especially keen on wholesome treats, and his proprietor Paru (@gsm_iham2 on Twitter) is very happy to supply him with the perfect.

Most just lately, when Paru was getting ready some cucumber, he realized one among his slices was heart-shaped. Contemplating it an indication of fine luck, he determined to reward the piece to Mashiro, who instantly took it in his little paws with enthusiasm. Paru shared photographs of the lovable alternate on Twitter, revealing how Mashiro fortunately munches on the edible inexperienced coronary heart.

Mashiro means “pure white” in Japanese, and contemplating the hamster’s fluffy white coat, it’s the proper title for the lovable pet. When he’s not consuming cucumbers, little Mashiro snacks on broccoli and leafy greens. The wholesome little man is all about consuming his 5 (or extra) a day.

Try Mashiro and his heart-shaped cucumber beneath, and observe Paru on Twitter and Instagram for extra cute updates.

Mashiro the fluffy white hamster seems all loved-up along with his heart-shaped cucumber snack.

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped Cucumber

How cute is that this little critter!?

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped Cucumber

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberParu: Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [grape]

All pictures through Paru.

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