BirdNoir: Vultures Come to City



BirdNoir: Vultures Come to City

Written by Conor Gearin and Mark Bramhill

That is BirdNoir. I’m Michael Stein, Personal Eye.


The opposite day, the Mayor of Bricksville known as me in a little bit of a bind.

Mayor: [over the phone] Michael, that is an upstanding city. A city with pleasure in itself.

It’s an enthralling little place, Mayor.

Mayor: So think about my shock to search out a number of dozen large bird-punks loitering on high of Metropolis Corridor! And so they hold vandalizing the place with their vomit!

Big punks, eh? Sounds such as you’ve bought vultures in your arms.

    [Black Vulture call, ML 229153, 5:09-5:10]

I’ve bought a tender spot for vultures. As a PI I’m a little bit of a scavenger myself.
Mayor: Effectively, my constituents definitely aren’t wild about them!

I do know, vultures get a foul rap. And it feels like they’ve chosen your roof as a pleasant vantage level for his or her nightly roosting spot. However the excellent news is that they’re doing a public service for Bricksville. These ol’ scavengers are scooping up roadkill, protecting the surroundings clear and stopping the unfold of illness.

    Mayor: Why, I say — that’s a superb worth for the taxpayer!

In the event that they’re damaging the roof, you should utilize effigies or loud noises to discourage them, however strive contacting your native wildlife company first.

Mayor: Thanks for the tip, Michael. 

Simply goes to indicate that even when birds look like unsavory characters, they may be right here to assist. I’m Personal Eye Michael Stein.


Senior Producer: John Kessler
Content material Director: Allison Wilson
Producer: Mark Bramhill
Affiliate Producer: Ellen Blackstone
Managing Producer: Conor Gearin
Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Black Vulture ML 229153 recorded by B. McGuire.  
BirdNote’s theme was composed and performed by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.
© 2021 BirdNote   March 2021         Narrators: ​​Michael Stein/Ariana Remmel

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