6 Advantages of Utilizing Sunflower Seeds (The BEST Birdseed!)


There are tons of advantages of utilizing sunflower seeds in your chicken feeders!

From the well being of your yard birds to the variety of species you may entice, you may’t go flawed with this chicken feeder staple. I extremely suggest utilizing it in your common chicken feeding routine!


Listed here are the 6 advantages of utilizing sunflower seeds in your feeders:

#1. You’ll entice the widest number of birds.


Among the finest advantages of utilizing sunflower seeds is {that a} HUGE number of birds love them.


Here’s a checklist of birds it is possible for you to to draw by providing sunflower seeds:

  • Northern Cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, grackles, nutcrackers, grosbreaks, Carolina Wrens, goldfinches, finches, juncos, sparrows, towhees, blackbirds, doves, and grosbeaks all eat sunflower.
  • As well as, even birds comparable to orioles and bluebirds will generally pattern hulled sunflower seeds.


Truthfully, it could be simpler to make an inventory of birds that DON’T eat sunflower seeds!


Right here’s a have a look at a number of the hottest birds consuming sunflower seeds on the Bird Watching HQ Feeders.


To draw the birds you’re all for, you’ll need to ensure you use the kind of sunflower seeds finest suited to them. Consider it or not, there are three various kinds of sunflower seeds which are used for feeding birds. To be taught extra in regards to the three varieties, try the next submit:


#2. You’ll lower your expenses on birdseed.


For the dietary content material and the variety of birds that eat it, sunflower is a greater worth than every other chicken meals.


I firmly consider the assertion above, however with one caveat – you must have a look at the entire image, not simply the value per bag. Sunflower seeds aren’t cheap to buy, however in the long term, you’ll be saving cash.


The issue with “low-cost” birdseed mixes is that birds sometimes don’t eat 90% of the seeds on the bag. Corporations fill the bag with “filler” meals simply to get the price of the bag decrease.


So whereas shopping for a bag of sunflower seeds may cost greater than a “low-cost” seed combine, the birds will eat all the factor!

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And with hulled sunflower, you don’t even have to fret about paying for shells that birds received’t eat!


#3. You’ll be able to tailor utilizing sunflower seeds to your preferences.


I counsel you to alter your chicken meals relying on the season or state of affairs.


This is a superb advantage of utilizing sunflower seeds! Since there are THREE completely different sorts, you may preserve feeding sunflower seeds however customise your feeders for the visiting birds.


Throughout winter and spring, I’ve issues with starlings and grackles, who can utterly empty my feeders of hulled sunflower in a morning!


So, when these “bully” birds begin displaying up, I change to striped sunflower in my tray feeder as a result of the starlings can’t open the shells. I additionally use caged tube feeders with hulled sunflower inside in order that my Black-capped Chickadees, American Goldfinches, and Home Finches nonetheless have their favourite meals.


#4. Your birds will probably be consuming nutritious meals.


Let’s check out the numbers to see the dietary advantages of sunflower seeds in comparison with a preferred seed combine:

Substances in Kaytee Primary Mix Wild Bird Meals: Cracked Corn, Millet, Milo, and just a bit little bit of Black-Oil Sunflower Seed


Corn, Millet, and Milo are grain merchandise that some birds eat, however not all the birds at your feeders desire these. They’re increased in carbohydrates and have much less protein and fats than sunflower seeds.


While you purchase sunflower seeds, you keep away from feeding a bunch of fillers or losing cash on stuff that birds received’t eat. Along with their fundamental nutrient content material, sunflower seeds additionally present nutritional vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B, and potassium.


Protein and fats are particularly vital to birds through the colder months as a result of the bugs they usually eat aren’t obtainable. The excessive focus of those vitamins in sunflower seeds offers an ideal substitute. Within the winter, when bugs are scarce, your yard birds will probably be grateful that you just’re giving them such a wholesome meal to get by means of the chilly season!


#5. Utilizing sunflower seeds is handy.


One disadvantage of sure varieties of chicken meals is that they’re specialty merchandise that may be onerous to seek out. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be farther from the reality with sunflower seeds!


You don’t should plan a particular journey or spend a ton of cash on transport to get sunflower seeds. They’re obtainable at {hardware} shops, pet provide outlets, feed shops, and even grocery shops!


And naturally, you should buy luggage of sunflower sees on-line! The one drawback is the price is increased since seeds are heavy and expensive to ship. Nevertheless, should you’re within the comfort, you’ll find sunflower seeds on Amazon and different wildlife and pet provide web sites!

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#6. You’ll save time on cleanup (IF you utilize hulled sunflower seeds)

benefits of no mess bird seed

Whereas it’s true that not all sunflower seeds are mess-free, hulled sunflower is your most suitable option for no-mess chicken meals.


For one, there are not any shells to scrub up, and there are such a lot of birds that love sunflower seeds they’ll get wolfed up shortly! So this will prevent the time and trouble of cleansing out outdated meals and shells.


As a bonus, your chicken feeding station received’t odor, which generally is a large drawback if seeds and shells get moist and begin to mould. No-mess chicken seed comes with its personal checklist of advantages. Test it out right here!


Why do you want utilizing sunflower seeds?


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