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Immediately recognisable by its stark black and white colouration, particularly its black round marking round its eyes, and its stocky bear-like determine, the large panda is a beloved animal and has since change into an emblem of species conservation. As March 16 is Nationwide Panda Day, it’s the perfect alternative to have fun and enhance extra consciousness concerning the lovable but susceptible species. Listed below are a number of the most fascinating details about pandas. 

Fascinating Information about Pandas

1. 99% of Large Pandas’ Food plan Consists of Bamboo

Pandas eat nearly solely bamboo shoots and leaves. Regardless of their vegetarian food plan, the animal’s digestive system resembles extra like a carnivore’s. On the uncommon event that they forgo bamboo, pandas will doubtless flip to different vegetation corresponding to pumpkin, kidney beans, wheat, in addition to different meals like eggs, fish, and even small mammals.

2. Pandas Spend About 12 Hours A Day Consuming

Despite the fact that the large panda relies upon solely on bamboo for its survival, the plant itself is a severely poor meals supply. Bamboos are low in protein and excessive in lignin and cellulose, mixed with the truth that large pandas are solely in a position to digest about a mean of 17% of dry matter, which means pandas must devour as much as 15% of their physique weight in 12 hours to outlive and keep wholesome.

3. Pandas Defecate Greater than 100 Instances A Day

For the reason that large panda eats about 15% of their physique weight, this interprets into about a mean of 12.5kg of bamboo each single day. Based mostly on important quantities of fibre of their diets, large pandas consequently, defecate often all through the day. The species can be required to ingest at the very least two totally different species of bamboo inside its habitat vary or faces hunger. A shortage in bamboo due to this fact threatens the susceptible panda inhabitants.

4. Grownup Pandas Weigh As much as 125 Kilograms

A male large panda within the wild weighs about 85-125kg whereas females vary between 70-100kg. Regardless of its massive dimension and weight when it reaches maturity, a panda cub when born, weighs a mere 85-140g. 

5. Pandas Have “Pseudo-thumbs”

An enormous panda’s entrance paw has six digits; which is made up of an prolonged and enlarged wrist bone that they use like an opposable thumb to assist them grip meals and maintain bamboo stems because it eats. Its dexterity makes them good climbers and swimmers; some pandas have been recorded to climb as excessive as 13,000 toes

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6. Pandas Talk by way of Scent Marking

Large Pandas make use of a system of conventional communal scent mark stations. They scent to be taught and uncover dependable places they’ll go to to deposit indicators and examine indicators left by different people. Pandas urinate to mark their scent, typically climbing a tree backwards with their hind toes – successfully doing a handstand – enabling them to depart marks at larger places. 

7. Large Pandas Don’t Hibernate

Most bear species together with the black and brown bear undergo hibernation with various lengths of time, however large pandas are one of many few that don’t. Pandas are largely solitary creatures, with people solely coming collectively in the course of the breeding season between March and Might, the place females could disguise away in rock caves or tree cavities to rear offspring which are produced each two to 3 years. Pandas additionally differ from most different bear species in that they’ve vertical slits for pupils, which means their eyes are far more much like home cats. 

8. Large Pandas are Nationwide Treasures in China 

As the large panda is endemic to China, discovered solely in just a few mountain ranges in central China and primarily in Sichuan, the species is considered a nationwide treasure and is commonly served as a nationwide image at worldwide occasions. The animal is commonly gifted to nations on a 10-year mortgage foundation as a part of diplomatic exchanges.

9. Habitat Loss Stays to be the Greatest Menace to Large Pandas

Very like most threatened species all over the world, the loss and fragmentation of habitats have severely impacted the inhabitants and general survival of the large panda. The habitat modifications stem from human actions such because the constructing of roads, hydroelectric dams, mining, and different infrastructure tasks, leading to many panda populations to shrink and change into remoted. As soon as extensively unfold, large pandas at the moment are restricted to 6 small areas in Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi provinces, totaling solely 14,000 sq km.

10. Large Pandas are No Longer Critically Endangered within the Wild

As soon as on the brink of extinction, large pandas have change into one of the profitable conservation examples on the planet because of China’s stringent ecological restoration efforts and intensive assets in repopulating bamboo forests. Large panda inhabitants within the wild has elevated as much as 1,800, and with the species efficiently downgraded from its standing as a ‘critically endangered’ to ‘susceptible’ by the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Nevertheless, the consequences of local weather change might threaten to reverse conservation efforts and severely influence large panda habitats. A number of fashions estimate excessive local weather situations might outcome within the lack of bamboo habitat starting from 37% to 100% by the top of the century. 


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