The Scoop on Sunflower Seeds (#1 Most Versatile Bird Meals!)


Sunflower seeds are hands-down my FAVORITE fowl meals.

They entice an enormous number of birds, and surprisingly, there are THREE methods you should purchase them. So, no matter your expertise stage or what sorts of birds you wish to entice, you possibly can’t go improper with this fowl feeder superfood!


Right now, we’re going to be answering the next questions:

Hold studying to seek out out all the things you might want to learn about sunflower seeds!

What are sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds come from the big, daisy-like flower Helianthus annuus, the widespread sunflower. It’s one of the recognizable flowers on the planet due to its magnificence and peak. Widespread sunflowers can develop as much as 6ft. (1.8m) tall! Though they’re native to North America, they develop abundantly in temperate areas worldwide.


There are 52 distinct species of sunflowers and much more cultivars of these. They arrive in all colours and sizes! There are various fashionable varieties which you could develop it doesn’t matter what sort of backyard you’ve. Two of my favorites are the tiny “Elf” cultivar that solely grows 16 inches (40 cm) tall and the “Strawberry Blonde” cultivar which has stunning pink and yellow petals.


Sometimes, sunflowers bloom in late summer season and early fall. Its vibrant yellow colour and huge flowers make this plant one of the fashionable backyard annuals in its rising vary. Apparently, the top of a sunflower isn’t a single flower in any respect, however many tiny flowers that develop into a big disc form. This massive form helps entice pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. 

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The seeds of the sunflower plant develop in a spiral-shaped sample in the course of the flower disc. As soon as they’re mature, the seeds are harvested to be used in oil manufacturing, meals, and naturally, fowl feeding!


What are the various kinds of sunflower seeds?


Consider it or not, there are three sorts of sunflower out there for feeding birds, and every sort has totally different benefits and makes use of.


A. Black-oil Sunflower

types of bird seed - black-oil sunflower

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Black-oil sunflower is the most well-liked sort of seed within the shell. Virtually each sort of fowl will devour it! You’ll generally see giant luggage of black-oil sunflower offered in shops.


I discover it fascinating that this number of sunflower isn’t the type that people eat. It was developed to reap for its oil content material, however then it was found how a lot birds love the stuff!


Black-oil sunflower has a better oil content material and is cheaper when in comparison with striped sunflower (B) beneath. Their shells are additionally thinner and smaller, making them simpler to crack open and make much less mess than striped sunflower seeds.


The one grievance I’ve with black-oil sunflower seeds is the massive mess the shells could make!


Vitamin Data: 40% fats, 16% protein, 20% carbohydrates


Black-oil sunflower seeds are often greatest utilized in a hopper-style feeder, in addition to a tray or dish. I extremely suggest the Absolute II hopper-style feeder. Its weight-sensitive perches maintain bigger birds from hogging all of the seeds!


B. Striped Sunflower

birdseed types - striped sunflower

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Striped sunflower seeds are the kind that people purchase and eat. They’re bigger than black-oil sunflower seeds and now have a thicker, arduous shell. As well as, they’re typically costlier by weight.


Vitamin Data: 26% fats, 15% protein, 18% carbohydrates


Striped sunflower seeds are giant, in order that they’re greatest in tray feeders like this one, which will be hung, mounted on a pole, or sit on the bottom.


C. Hulled Sunflower

Hulled sunflower seed - best birdseed types

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Hulled sunflower refers to seeds which have already had the shell eliminated. Different widespread names embody sunflower chips or kernels.


Hulled sunflower is costlier by weight than sunflower nonetheless within the husk. However you must contemplate that if you purchase black-oil or striped sunflower, the shells gained’t be eaten, so you might be paying for this waste.


Hulled sunflower can also be fashionable as a result of it doesn’t make a multitude. There are not any shells left to wash up!


You should utilize hulled sunflower in practically each sort of fowl feeder! Trays, tube feeders like this one, and hoppers are all glorious for feeding hulled sunflower.


What sorts of birds eat sunflower seeds?


One of many primary causes I like to make use of sunflower seeds in my yard is as a result of they entice so many various kinds of birds. It’s tough to discover a feeder fowl that WON’T eat sunflower seeds!

The varieties of sunflower seeds you employ will decide what varieties of birds you entice.

A. Black-oil sunflower seeds entice:

As we beforehand mentioned, these seeds are small, and their smooth, skinny shells are straightforward to interrupt open. Because of this, a WIDE number of species get pleasure from feasting on black-oil sunflower within the shell.


Birds interested in black-oil sunflower: Northern Cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees, grosbeaks, finches, nutcrackers, juncos, Home Sparrows, blackbirds, doves, & grackles.


B. Striped sunflower seeds:


This meals has a thicker shell than black-oil sunflower seeds, making it harder to crack open to get to the seed. Due to this, I like to make use of striped sunflower in my yard when I attempt to deter sure birds.


For instance, Home Sparrows and European Starlings will be extremely quite a few at fowl feeders, however fortunately, they’ll’t open striped sunflower seeds! If you dedicate a feeder to striped sunflower, then the cardinals, jays, titmice, nuthatches, and different birds that may open the arduous shell have a extra peaceable place to eat. It’s additionally nice so as to add to a normal fowl seed combine.


Birds interested in striped sunflower: Northern Cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, grackles, nutcrackers.


C. Hulled sunflower seeds:

These seeds are the MOST fashionable choice for attracting as many varieties of birds as potential. Since there’s no shell to fret about, nearly any fowl that visits feeders will probably be pleased with hulled sunflower seeds. Because of this, my feeders containing hulled sunflower should be refilled nearly day by day. 


Birds interested in hulled sunflower: Northern Cardinals, jays, grosbreaks, Carolina Wrens, goldfinches, finches, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, juncos, sparrows, towhees, blackbirds, doves, grackles, and lots of extra!


The place can you purchase sunflower seeds?


Fortunately, sunflower seeds are available. If you take a look at shopping for this fowl meals, it’s essential to resolve whether or not you wish to purchase them domestically at a retailer or on-line.


There are advantages and disadvantages to every!


#1. Your native {hardware} or fowl feeding retailer:


When you’ve got the time, going to a bodily retailer to purchase your sunflower seeds will prevent cash. The associated fee to ship heavy luggage of seeds is often handed on to the shopper, so a retail retailer that’s shopping for seeds in bulk could have a value benefit!


The opposite wonderful thing about going to a neighborhood retailer to your fowl seed is you possibly can assist a neighborhood enterprise in your space. The weekly journey to my native ironmongery shop to choose up birdseed is simply part of my routine now, so it doesn’t really feel like an inconvenience in any respect. 


#2. On-line:


Shopping for sunflower seeds on-line is probably the most handy strategy to buy them. Sadly, since birdseed is so heavy, the associated fee is often double and even triple what it will be in a neighborhood retailer.


The underside line is you can see the perfect costs in your native retailer, but when comfort is what you’re after, on-line is the best way to go!


What’s your favourite factor about utilizing sunflower seeds?


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