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Birds Speak, Individuals Squawk

Written by John Kessler

That is BirdNote! [Audio of goose-caller]

That is the decision of a goose…or is it? Really, it’s Darvin Gebhart, demonstrating his championship goose-calling approach. [More calls]

However there are additionally birds that use human language. Speaking birds have various levels of intelligence and talking potential. Some, just like the crow, are capable of mimic only some phrases and phrases, whereas some budgerigars—parakeets on this aspect of the pond—have a vocabulary of over a thousand phrases.

Sparkie Williams was a well-known budgie that lived in England within the Fifties. For six years, he labored as a personality actor on British radio, and retired a rich chicken. [Audio of Sparkie]

Alex, the African Gray Parrot, was one other notable speaking chicken. Alex had a restricted vocabulary – about 150 phrases – however he was well-known for his cognitive talents. He might acknowledge colours and shapes, and likewise used the phrase “none” to explain the absence of amount. In different phrases, [slowly] he grasped the idea of zero. [Audio of Alex and researcher, Dr. Irene Pepperberg]

Scientists proceed to debate whether or not every other species can really study human language. However birds like Sparkie and Alex might actually maintain up their aspect of the dialog! For BirdNote, I’m Mary McCann.


Audio of “Sparkie Williams the Budgerigar” from British Library Sound Archive
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