Meet All 18 Penguin Species in One Documentary


Everybody is aware of the tottering birds who waddle round on the ice of their traditional tuxedo-like garb. However there are literally 18 species of penguins they usually aren’t all present in frigid climates.

A brand new episode of “Nature” on PBS options each penguin species, following their antics from Antarctica to New Zealand, Cape City to the Galapagos Islands.

In “Penguins: Meet the Household,” there’s footage of emperor penguin chicks taking their first steps, a mom rockhopper penguin escaping from a sea lion, and African penguins cross streets throughout rush hour, as they head to their nests in yard gardens.

Doug Mackay-Hope, govt producer of the documentary and of the BBC Pure Historical past unit, talked to Treehugger about this system.

Treehugger: What was the impetus for the present? Why penguins?

Doug Mackay-Hope: Penguins are one of the beloved animal households on the planet and but few folks know what number of species there are or what extraordinary lives they dwell—in order that they have been an ideal selection. We love bringing you animals that you just may suppose you realize quite a bit about after which go on to disclose an entire new world to you—and the penguin household are filled with surprises.

King penguins molting within the Falkland Islands.
Cindy Kassab / Getty Photos

What have been a few of the extra fascinating stuff you unearthed throughout analysis and filming? Do you might have favourite moments?”

Plenty of favourite moments—however I beloved studying in regards to the ‘catastrophic moult’ of the king penguins on the Falkland Islands. They arrive ashore after months at sea, fishing—rock up the seaside after which in an enormous colony each hen loses each feather from their our bodies. They appear a shambles, half-plucked and a little bit disgruntled. Then in simply two weeks they regrow an entire new coat, earlier than strolling again out to sort out the tough Southern Ocean as soon as extra dressed of their finest—wanting magnificent.

We have a tendency to consider penguins residing within the snow and ice, however the place have been a few of the locations you went for filming?

On this movie you will note that isn’t true. In fact many do—however penguins might be discovered on the equator, in deserts and actually extra species dwell in New Zealand than every other nation. Like I mentioned this can be a movie filled with surprises!

After studying a lot about all of the penguin species and filming them, did you come away with a favourite?

That is exhausting as they’re all superb in their very own alternative ways, so it’s exhausting to select a favourite, however the emperors do one thing that not a single different residing animal on Earth achieves—surviving an Antarctic winter—so they’re those I undoubtedly have probably the most respect for. However the entire household delivers surprise and shock in their very own little methods.

How did the cameras reply to the crew? Have been some extra curious than others or have been you all the time filming so distant that they did not detect your presence?

Top-of-the-line issues about penguins is that they’re fairly fearless. They will’t dwell in locations with any land predators as they’re so susceptible when nesting—in order that they have developed the behavior of nesting on the very edges of the world, usually alone—or with different penguin species. So which means they’ve developed nearly no worry of us people and infrequently it’s the crew that must maintain their distance so to not disturb. However more often than not they don’t care—or worse are so curious they’re into every little thing. This after all means they simply go about their enterprise and we are able to go about ours filming their great lives.

Nature: Penguins: Meet the Household airs on PBS and the PBS video app.


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