What Do Lizards Eat? Greatest Meals to Feed Your Pet Reptile


Pets are available in all styles and sizes, and no matter whether or not they’re furry, scaly, aquatic, massive or small, all of them want correct care.

A key aspect of that’s making certain that your pet is fed adequately and appropriately. For individuals who have pet lizards or reptiles, realizing which is the perfect meals to offer them can generally be a bit difficult.

Newsweek spoke to consultants and herpetologists to study easy methods to construct a nutritious diet in your pet lizard.

What Do Lizards Eat?

Laura-Ashley Huckerby, Social Media Coordinator and Editor on the Worldwide Herpetological Society in London, informed Newsweek: “As a rule of thumb the perfect factor to feed is a diversified dietary eating regimen.”

That is very true within the case of lizards and reptiles as totally different species have totally different diets, some feed completely on vegetation whereas others might be insectivores.

For these home lizards identified to take pleasure in bugs, resembling bearded dragons, a diversified eating regimen of critters is really helpful in response to Huckerby.

“That may embrace issues resembling crickets, locusts, varied cockroach species, wax worms, mealworms, calci worms and such. That are all out there from pet outlets, however reptile particular outlets are inclined to have higher selection,” she defined.

Leopard geckos, a well-liked pet, are carnivorous and enormously take pleasure in an insect-heavy eating regimen, although are inclined to reject consuming lifeless bugs as they like to be fed stay meals.

Nevertheless, you have to be aware and chorus from feeding your pet lizard any outdated insect it’s possible you’ll discover out within the wild,

Emily Taylor, President of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists informed Newsweek: “You must typically keep away from this as a result of some wild bugs might carry parasites or pesticides.”

A male bearded dragon perched on a department. Bearded dragons eat a eating regimen of stay bugs and greens.
Claudia Nass/Getty Photographs

Moreover, the dietary worth of untamed bugs can be questionable as “you don’t have any management over what the bugs have been ingesting, such as you do with ones raised for feeder meals in managed and monitored environments,” Huckerby mentioned.

Age additionally performs a component in every lizard’s consumption and wish for protein-heavy meals resembling bugs. Youthful bearded dragons, for instance, require extra protein than grownup ones as they’re nonetheless in a stage of progress and growth.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to needless to say domesticated lizards typically get significantly decrease train than their counterparts within the wild, who could spend longer operating round in the hunt for meals.

Due to this fact it’s essential to chorus from feeding your lizard too typically or in too massive a amount, as it would develop weight problems if it depends on an insect-rich eating regimen.

leopard gecko
A Leopard Gecko on a department. Leopard Geckos take pleasure in an insect-heavy eating regimen and like to eat stay bugs.
LeitnerR/Getty Photographs

What Human Meals Can Lizards Eat?

Pet lizards additionally take pleasure in sure forms of on a regular basis human meals, Huckerby added.

“Some lizards can, do and will eat quite a lot of vegetation in addition to bugs. This may be retailer purchased veg resembling spring greens, butternut squash, zucchini and kale.

“Fruits like apples and peaches might be safely fed. An incredible factor can be dandelion leaves which you’ll be able to decide from exterior however keep away from selecting from highway sides or areas which can be identified to be sprayed with pesticides,” she added.

Nevertheless, there are additionally family meals that don’t sit nicely with lizards, or could cause illness and malaise.

“Usually ought to keep away from citrus and iceberg lettuce because it does not actually maintain any dietary worth, resulting from principally being made up of water. Spinach can be to be averted because it comprises chemical compounds that may trigger calcium deficiency, which might result in metabolic bone illness,” Huckerby warned.

gecko smiles
Gecko’s are a typical home pet for reptile lovers, although want a diversified eating regimen.
CathyKeifer/Getty Photographs


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