Emperor penguin | WWF


The emperor is the most important residing penguin species standing round 115cm tall. As soon as they’ve discovered a companion they often mate for all times and work collectively to maintain their younger fed and protected.

They may look a bit clumsy on land, however penguins are sensible swimmers. Emperor penguins have the deepest and longest dives for any chicken, typically reaching depths of over 200 metres. One chicken has been recorded at a depth of 565 metres.

Emperor’s are properly tailored to thrive within the freezing situations of the Antarctic. To protect warmth, they’ve a dense double layer of feathers – about 70 feathers per sq. inch – giant fats reserves and, proportionally, smaller beaks and flippers in comparison with different penguins. This all helps stop warmth loss. Additionally they work collectively to maintain heat by huddling up in giant teams, shuffling spherical so every will get a flip within the heat centre.

Populations have declined by as much as 50% in some locations and one colony off the Antarctic Peninsula has disappeared utterly. The largest menace to them proper now’s local weather change because of adjustments within the sea ice they rely on.


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