Hey Pandas, Write An Aita Story From Your Pet’s Perspective



Am horse. Hooman took me for trip with my sister and her dad in a brand new pasture, i no appreciated it. I threw her off and her dad obtained on me to see if i’d be good boy. Was not. Threw imply dad into tree and his arms no work good no extra and his head damage. AITA?



AITA for biting that child down the road? Full story: He had bacon.



not rlly good with this however right here it goes…

AITA? am (10F) a cat named Moo who loves meals. am scream in my roommates (14F , 18M ) ears till they gimme meals. They don’t prefer it and at last give into giving me meals. I waste plenty of power and time and I feel they need to respect that and gimme meals sooner.


Donkey boi 11 hours in the past

NTA! What else are Hoomans for if not carry meals! In future I like to recommend if scream not work, attempt head pat with claw!


AITA? i waz a spoted, twelv yer previous boi named Zoden. My hoomans had bot an enormous bag of expensiv bred rols, and that i et all of them and my hoomans instructed me i had a dishtended bewwey, watever that mens



I’m Ulysses (5NM), a tri-point ragdoll cat. I attempt to maintain my older brother, Gambit (8NM) (black home shorthair), away from mama all the time as a result of I am fearful I will not be liked despite the fact that I get *tons* of affirmation. Additionally I do not perceive when my brother would not need to play, despite the fact that he hisses and swipes at me when he is not within the temper. Mama says I want to concentrate to Gambit extra, however I feel he simply must study to play with me once I need to. Additionally, mama belongs to me. AITA?


Donkey boi 11 hours in the past

NTA. Gambit has had 3 additional years, you is clearly simply catching up. If Mama hooman was that involved, she would know she has 2 paws and will use one for you and the opposite (stretched far after all) for Gambit.


Im a small doggo, i used to pee on my human’s leg to say them as mine however for some motive the human didn’t prefer it! AITA?



AITA? am a cat lemme present you ma agenda for tonight
-climb up da cuwtains
-scweam coz i cant get down fwom da cuwtains
-keep scweaming till ma hooman wakes as much as hewp me down
-sit and stawe cweepily at hooman
-oh noes hooman eyes cwosed, should stroll throughout deir face to ensure hooman is awake
-hooman open eyes and speak woudwy at me
-hooman eyes cwosed, should get revenge for hooman speak woudwy at me so I assault deir ft toes
-oh wook its 5 am, should turn out to be a pewsonall awarm cwock
-hooman awake, now gimme da foodz
-im sweepy, I am going to comb in ma bowl wifout consuming



I’m HENRI!! I’m exuberant kitten of 0 years but. At night time when my mother strikes in sleep, I take one massive chunk out of her knee. As one does! She will get mad however began it ! ! AITA?



From my guinea pigs perspective: I squeak and wheek and squeal and chirp till I get meals. Then I eat the meals, then I scream some extra. Life is meals. Meals is life.



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