Hey Pandas, What’s An Concept For A Film Plot That You Have? (Closed)



Niveeran. There’s a species of aliens known as Niveerans who take animistic traits of earth animals of actual or fictional origin based mostly on their truest selves. FOr instance, somone who was actually shy was born a deer, however after turning into a mom they turn into a bear. So this takes place with a younger boy who lives together with his father. In the future, he finds a cave that may be a portal to Niveera, the place he finds out he’s the final dragon Niveeran and his mom was killed by his father after discovering out who she was and the boy vows to take vengance on hos father for his crimes



So I really write tales so I’m going to say on of the plots of my ebook which have written. A younger lady watches her dad get murdered, a number of years later the identical person who killed her father tries to kill her solely when he thinks succeeds the lady does find yourself dying. The remainder of the ebook/film is about her discovering her powers that she had all the time had and attempt to cease the serial killer who killed her father and practically killed her, and learn the way she is supposed to be. The ebook I wrote is definitely actually unhappy, as she believes that she should not be how she is, that she would not deserve it, however she pulls via and find yourself serving justice to the killer and discovering out the origins of her energy.



Cats taking on the world



A pair of vet assistants by accident discover themselves working at a clinic for mythological creatures and cryptids.



A person who finds the reality about life and the universe, however with every discovery leaving him shattered not directly. On the very finish he loses all function.



A film however from totally different views… like there is no such thing as a foremost character, and the film is about how everybody sees the world of their eyes



The wealthy and highly effective go on strike. Employers not make use of, the king not reigns, the federal government not governs… Chaos and hilarity ensue.



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