Hey Pandas, What Is The Spookiest Factor That Ever Occurred To You? (Closed)


All of us have scares every now and then, however did one thing actually creepy ever occur? Numerous individuals have been within the spookiest conditions, and we’re wanting to listen to about it! However I’ll warn you: don’t learn this earlier than going to mattress! (Btw I like to do this!)

That is utterly true. Okay so after I was 4 years outdated we went to go to my grandfather. My grandmother had simply died however I trryyy to not imagine in ghosts. I attempt. So my entire household was sleeping in the identical room and my father, brother and I had been preparing for mattress. Beforehand my dad instructed me to take off the bracelet I used to be sporting earlier than going upstairs. I did. However when nobody was
trying, one thing hit me on the top. It was the bracelet I had left downstairs. It kind of got here out of nowhere however bc nobody noticed it, nobody is aware of the way it occurred. I believed my brother was pranking me however he was on the opposite facet of the room. He and I couldn’t sleep. Then late at evening, I felt one thing dropping on me and the bracelet was ON MY HEAD. I went to sleep later then everybody else so nobody may have been tricking me…I awakened my mother however she simply mentioned to return to mattress. For sure, sleep was not and possibility.


I’ve one other one for you… so after I was just a little child there was a haunted lamp. (I want I had an image however I don’t). It was my brother’s initially. Sooner or later he mentioned he needed to offer it to me. I used to be overjoyed as a result of I had at all times preferred that lamp. Little did I do know. The primary evening with the lamp in my room I bought a creepy feeling. Then the lamp turned on and off. Then it LITERALLY INCHED TOWARD ME. Then flickered once more. I truly screamed and slept in my dad and mom’ room. They didn’t imagine it. I instructed my brother the following day. He mentioned he gave it to me as a result of it did the identical factor in his room. I used to be too younger to understand how impolite that’s. I needed to spend yet another evening with the lamp. It did the identical factor, and I had the identical response after all. It wasn’t till my father introduced it into his room that my dad and mom realized we had been telling the reality. My brother and I each agree that the entire home was haunted. We had different scary experiences however I’m solely placing the worst ones that I used to be in.


A few years in the past, I used to be laying in mattress awake worrying as a single mother how I used to be going to pay upcoming payments and so forth and clear as a bell I heard my grandmother say “shhhhh, pen it’s going to be okay” she had a really distinctive accent however had been lifeless for a minimum of 4 years, I defo wasn’t asleep both. She was proper, nonetheless I didn’t sleep for some time



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