The Cool, Rugged Lifetime of a Snow Bunting



The Cool, Rugged Lifetime of a Snow Bunting

Written by Bob Sundstrom

That is BirdNote.

[Snow Bunting flight call, XC 636807, 0:05-0:08]

Climate within the Arctic continues to be wintry when male Snow Buntings return to nesting areas in April. They’ve spent the winter roaming shorelines and fields of grain stubble — chilly, windswept locations within the northern United States and Canada.

[Snow Bunting flight call, XC 636807, 0:05-0:08]

Males attain their breeding territories on the tundra a month forward of females and defend them relentlessly.

    [Snow Bunting song, ML 203901731, 0:21-0:24]

This implies male Snow Buntings could face freezing circumstances and snow blanketing the bottom.

However there’s an enormous profit to arriving early sufficient to say a primary nest cavity in a rock face or underneath boulders, the place will probably be safer from foxes and Snowy Owls. 

[Snow Bunting song, ML 203901731, 0:32-0:36]

Nesting in chilly rock cavities means further care should be taken to maintain eggs and nestlings heat. That’s why, not like many different fowl species, feminine Snow Buntings by no means come off the nest. The males convey them meals, giving them extra steady time on the eggs. This shortens the incubation time, enhancing the chances of hatching a wholesome brood.

And all of it begins with an early — if considerably chilly — begin to the season.

[Snow Bunting song, ML 203901731, 0:32-0:36]

For BirdNote, I’m Michael Stein.


Senior Producer: John Kessler
Content material Director: Allison Wilson
Producer: Mark Bramhill
Managing Producer: Conor Gearin
Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Snow Bunting Xeno Canto 636807 recorded by L. Edenius, and Snow Bunting ML 203901731 recorded by J. del Hoyo.
BirdNote’s theme was composed and performed by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.
© 2022 BirdNote   April 2022        Narrator: ​​Michael Stein

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