World Giraffe Day: 8 belongings you by no means knew about this safari staple


Giraffes are very, very odd animals.

Largely neck and leg, with a shout out to their unsettlingly lengthy tongues, they appear to have been constructed from a seize bag of leftover physique bits, yielding an animal one way or the other each elegant and comedic.

A current examine revealed in Science Advances recognized a list of giraffe-specific gene mutations required to help their weird kind and mentioned “the suite of diversifications related to the intense stature of the giraffe has lengthy biologists and physiologists”.

To mark World Giraffe Day, right here’s just a few issues chances are you’ll not have recognized about this fascinating animal…

1. No two giraffes look alike

The blotchy, noticed sample on a giraffe’s again and sides acts like a human fingerprint. Each particular person is totally different, a boon for conservationists needing to determine totally different members of a herd.

2. Giraffes want barely any sleep

Although giraffes can run as quick as 35 miles per hour, theirs just isn’t usually an lively life-style, and so they want fewer than half-hour sleep every day. Typically they get by on a lot much less, resting their heads on their rumps for a fast nap whereas a number of herd members stands guard.

Giraffe consuming from watering gap

3. Giraffes have extraordinarily hypertension

An grownup giraffe’s blood strain is roughly twice that of an grownup human – however that’s solely close to their hearts. Of their heads, after the blood has been funnelled up six toes of neck, it’s about the identical as a human’s. A giraffe’s circulatory system is a sight to behold.

4. They will do all the things standing up

Have you ever ever seen a giraffe sitting down with its legs crossed? Giraffes can sleep, feed, mate and provides beginning all whereas standing tall, as when upright they’re impervious to all however essentially the most apex savannah predators.

The one time giraffes need to lie down is through the first hour of life, because the calves work out find out how to stability on a number of the animal kingdom’s spindliest-looking legs – and usually they stand inside half-hour. In maturity, those self same limbs measure greater than six toes in size, and might kick out laborious sufficient to kill a lion.

5. NASA used giraffes to check area

Nobody has (but) designed a giraffe-sized area shuttle, however the creatures have unwittingly contributed to the area race proper right here on Earth.

We’re not going to delve into the science (as a result of we 100% don’t perceive it), however a NASA physiologist realised within the Eighties that the issues confronted by astronauts re-adjusting to Earth’s gravity had been just like these confronted by giraffes after being born. Research of giraffe blood vessels have since impacted spacesuit design.

Giraffe headshot

6. They’ve the identical variety of neck bones as people

They’re simply actually, actually large. People and giraffes have seven neck vertebrae, however in giraffes they’re over 10 inches lengthy. Massive animals all spherical, giraffes even have toes the scale of dinner plates, eyes the scale of golf balls, and a coronary heart that measures two toes throughout.

7. Males use their necks for combating

Everybody is aware of giraffes use their top to forage from the branches of timber, however males additionally use their necks as weapons, whipping them spherical to clang into competing males like anatomical morning stars.

Charging into battle neck first is an clearly dangerous technique, and there have been accounts of zig-zag-necked giraffes residing out their lives at proper angles after sustaining critical accidents.

8.Julius Caesar introduced the primary giraffe to Europe

The Roman dictator sailed a giraffe throughout the Med to maintain as a pet in 46 BC. Described by onlookers as a “camelopard” – a hybrid of camel and leopard – we will solely think about what a sight it should have been lolloping by way of the streets of Historical Rome.


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