9 HUMANE Methods to Get Rid of Woodpeckers! (2022)


Do you wish to cease woodpeckers from pecking your home?


Woodpeckers are lovely and fascinating birds, and most of the people really attempt to appeal to them to their yard.




For some owners, their pecking and tapping turn into a nuisance.


Sadly, woodpeckers can injury the picket elements of your house and different buildings. In some circumstances, these birds could cause THOUSANDS of {dollars} of injury. 🙁


So at the moment, I’m offering 9 HUMANE methods to do away with woodpeckers close to your house.


Earlier than we talk about find out how to do away with woodpeckers, needless to say these fantastic birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This act makes it a federal crime to kill, seize, or in any other case hurt them.


So not solely is it a jerk transfer to harm a woodpecker, but it surely’s additionally unlawful. And actually, when you see all of the humane choices under, I feel you will note there isn’t any motive to hurt them.


#1. Take away what they’re in search of!

ways to stop woodpeckers from banging on your home


If woodpeckers are tapping at your home, there’s an excellent probability they’re trying to find a meal. A woodpecker’s foremost meals supply is wood-boring bugs like termites, ants, and beetles. And the simplest place to seek out most of these bugs is in wooden siding and different picket buildings.


Sadly, woodpecker injury is a powerful indicator that you just even have an insect infestation. Eliminating woodpeckers could also be so simple as eliminating their meals supply! It’s finest to name an expert and have your home inspected for bugs and have the bugs eliminated.


The excellent news is, as soon as the bugs are gone, the woodpeckers will most likely depart too.


#2. Distract woodpeckers with one other meals supply.


Woodpeckers are attracted to a couple different sources of meals, in addition to bugs, which can be straightforward for us to supply. Suet, for instance, is one among their favourite meals.


Do this to encourage woodpeckers to a different a part of your yard:


First, purchase some suet and a feeder and cling it very close to the world of your house the woodpecker is pecking.


Then, as soon as the woodpecker finds the brand new scrumptious meals supply, steadily transfer the feeder away from your home.

hang bird feeders to keep woodpeckers away


Woodpeckers additionally love berry bushes. Plant raspberry, blueberry, or currant bushes close to the sting of your property, away from your home. This might help draw the woodpeckers to a simple meal away out of your siding!


#3. Shelter them with a woodpecker birdhouse.


If a woodpecker is boring into your home, it might simply be looking for a spot to construct a nest. Woodpeckers are cavity nesters, which implies they solely elevate their younger within an enclosed space. In nature, that is sometimes achieved in a lifeless or dying tree.

ways to get rid of woodpeckers

Fortunately, woodpeckers will readily use birdhouses. So strive making or buying a couple of and scattering them round your yard. Your hope is that they abandon making an attempt to make a brand new cavity in your home, and elect to nest inside a gorgeous, pre-made nesting field!


IMPORTANT! Earlier than you cling up a birdhouse, it’s necessary that you determine which sort of woodpecker is attacking your house. Every species requires a distinct sort of nest field.


For extra info on nest containers and birdhouses, try these assets:


#4. Eliminate woodpeckers by scaring them.


Utilizing sudden motion is a simple solution to scare woodpeckers away with out hurting them. Woodpeckers are jumpy and simply frightened, so it doesn’t take so much to ruffle their feathers. 🙂



Strive installing a few of these objects:

  • Shiny windmills: Windmill toys like these transfer erratically and mirror mild, which can scare woodpeckers away from your home. Place them close to the spot the place a woodpecker is inflicting injury and look forward to a powerful gust of wind!

  • Streamers: Much like windmills, these cheap streamers will whip round within the wind, startling the woodpeckers. It’s a reasonable solution to get the woodpeckers to maneuver on. Alternatively, you could possibly tie a ribbon to a dowel or follow create the identical impact.

  • Pennants or Flags: A string of pennants is ideal you probably have a big space the place woodpeckers are inflicting injury. Stake a line of those mild pennant flags throughout your yard to scatter the woodpeckers.

  • Reflective decoys: When the wind catches these reflective steel decoys, they twirl and transfer erratically and the woodpecker ought to fly off.


#5. Use loud noises to do away with woodpeckers.

Loud, sudden noises can do away with woodpeckers, particularly in case you make noise every time they begin pecking. Relying on how ceaselessly the woodpeckers go to, you possibly can DIY this answer or use an computerized noisemaker.


Listed below are some choices to strive:

  • Make a sudden loud noise with no matter you could have useful. Flip up your radio, bang on a pot, bang a few rocks collectively, and even stomp in your deck. No matter makes noise and will get the fowl to go away is ideal. Clearly, this selection could make your entertaining to your neighbors to look at and is time intensive!
  • Set up a fowl repeller: This system mimics the sounds of predators, which can scare away the woodpeckers. When you’ve got frequent woodpecker visits, a fowl repeller is an efficient possibility as a result of you possibly can customise how typically it makes noise. For instance, in case your woodpeckers at all times go to at dawn and sundown, you possibly can set the calls to go off at a 12-hour interval.


One necessary be aware: Don’t use an ultrasonic (silent) fowl repeller, which could be dangerous to birds and pets. The frequencies are too excessive for people to listen to, however they will completely injury a dog’s listening to and trigger confusion in birds.


#6. Place decoys close to an issue space.

One other choice to scare away woodpeckers is to make use of a decoy made to seem like a pure predator. Hawk or owl statues could be (kind of) efficient at eliminating woodpeckers. Whereas most have combined success, it’s price a strive together with different methods on this record. 


Listed below are 3 completely different choices on Amazon to strive:

  • Owl decoy with rotating head: This decoy combines the appears to be like of a predator with sudden motion, which can be more practical than a statue alone could be. Plus, it’s a enjoyable addition to your yard. 🙂
  • Hawk decoy: This easy hawk decoy statue isn’t flashy, however you probably have an occasional woodpecker it might be efficient at maintaining them away from your home.
  • Hanging owl decoys: Much like the primary possibility, this product combines a predator decoy with motion and reflective tape to startle woodpeckers into shifting on.


#7. Restore woodpecker injury as quickly as potential.


Leaving woodpecker injury unrepaired could cause fairly a couple of further issues.


First, the woodpecker will proceed to peck on the identical spots, creating bigger holes and gouges which can be more durable to repair. Second, holes can gather moisture, particles, and grime which might trigger rot or cracking of your siding or trim. Lastly, unrepaired woodpecker holes are a magnet for brand new infestations of wood-boring bugs like ants, termites, and beetles, which in flip will preserve attracting extra woodpeckers!


Repairing any woodpecker injury whereas it’s contemporary will assist reduce down on all of those issues, along with serving to you do away with woodpeckers.


The steps to restore woodpecker injury will range relying on in case your injury is in siding, trim, or one other kind of wooden. Some primary objects you’ll wish to have available are wooden putty, {hardware} cloth or steel mesh display screen, and paint that matches your home.


When you’ve got stucco siding, which is vulnerable to woodpecker injury, Stuc-O-Flex Worldwide makes an out of doors stucco paint that’s specifically designed to repel woodpeckers. Be taught extra about it right here.


#8. Use fowl netting to maintain woodpeckers away.

bird netting can help get rid of woodpeckers

For areas the place you possibly can’t appear to do away with woodpeckers, contemplate investing in fowl netting to discourage them.


Heavy-duty netting made from polypropylene or different robust plastic creates a barrier between your home and the woodpecker.


It’s put in on a roof edge or comparable space to create a 4″ (10 cm) hole between the online and siding. This manner, the birds can’t land and attain by way of the online to the wooden. Bird netting could be tough to put in accurately, so I like to recommend hiring an expert to make sure it’s efficient and protected. 


#9. Don’t hesitate!

get rid of woodpeckers before they cause serious damage


Woodpeckers are persistent as soon as they discover a spot they like. Due to this, any deterrent you utilize must be achieved on the first signal of woodpecker injury.


Normally, you’ll hear a woodpecker lengthy earlier than you see it, and the fast, loud tapping would be the first warning of bother.


It’s additionally good to repeatedly examine your wooden siding and trim for woodpecker injury. Relying on the woodpecker species, this may seem like small holes, gouges, and even large scrapes on the wooden floor.


You’re more likely to see woodpeckers (or their handiwork) after they’re most energetic throughout the spring.


Do you could have every other methods to do away with woodpeckers humanely?


Tell us within the feedback!


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