Do Pics Present Big Sumatran Striped Rabbit Rescued from Sale on Fb?


In April 2022, a set of pictures went viral on social media that supposedly confirmed a really uncommon Sumatran striped rabbit that was rescued by authorities after it was provided on the market on Fb:

The Fb submit reads: “A Sumatran striped rabbit, broadly thought of to be the rarest rabbit on the earth, has been rescued from this man after he places it on promote on Fb. The Sumatran Striped Rabit [sic] is among the rarest breed of rabits [sic]. The uncommon rabbit has now been safely launched again into the forest by the park rangers the place may be very nicely tracked by cameras.”

This caption doesn’t match up with this set of images. The animal in these pictures shouldn’t be an especially uncommon Sumatran striped rabbit. 

A Uncommon Sumatran Striped Rabbit (Not Pictured Above) Really Was Rescued

A number of months earlier than these pictures went viral, a Sumatran striped rabbit — an endangered species of rabbit present in Indonesia — was really rescued by authorities after the animal was being provided on the market on Fb.

In August 2021, Fauna & Flora Worldwide (FFI), a world conservation society devoted to defending the planet’s threatened wildlife, introduced that they, together with the Kerinci Seblat Nationwide Park, had rescued one in every of these uncommon rabbits and that it could quickly be launched again into the wild:

Sumatran striped rabbits are seldom noticed, in both sense of the phrase. Identified solely from a dozen Dutch museum specimens collected within the early twentieth century, plus an occasional sighting within the wild and a handful of digicam lure photographs, the species is broadly thought of to be the rarest rabbit on the earth. Discovering one flaunted on Fb is the Indonesian equal of stumbling upon a thylacine in a Tasmanian pet store, and the conservation neighborhood was fast to reply.

After receiving a tip-off in regards to the Fb submit, Fauna & Flora Worldwide (FFI) and the Kerinci Seblat Nationwide Park authorities shortly tracked down the would-be vendor and rescued the priceless rabbit, which was held in protected custody till it was able to be launched.

Right here’s {a photograph} of the Sumatran striped rabbit that was really rescued from sale on Fb:

What In regards to the Big Rabbit Photographs?

The Sumatran striped rabbit solely grows to about 16 inches in size and is clearly not proven within the viral Fb pictures on the high of this web page. So what sort of rabbit is featured in these pictures? And, extra importantly, are the pictures actual? 

Whereas many social media customers commented that the large rabbit pictures had been digitally altered, that’s not the case. These are actual pictures of a extremely large rabbit. Whereas it’s potential that some pressured perspective is at play right here — an optical trick the place an object is made to look bigger than it truly is by being positioned nearer to the digicam than different objects in body — this rabbit remains to be fairly massive.

These pictures had been posted to a Philippines rabbit breeder Fb group in February 2022 and seem to indicate a person holding a German grey large, a species of rabbit that may develop to just about 3 toes in size and might weigh as much as 25 kilos. 

Right here’s a video from the CBC about another large bunnies:


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