Marine reptile fossil relationship again 250 million years present in S China


Researchers have found the partial skeleton of a beforehand unknown marine reptile recognizable as an ichthyosauromorph, which lived roughly 250 million years in the past, based on the China College of Geosciences (Wuhan).

The fossil, which dates again to the Decrease Triassic, was unearthed in Baise Metropolis, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Area, and was named “Baisesaurus robustus” by the analysis group concerned in its discovery.

Primarily based on three-month restoration work, the researchers consider the reptile was about 3 meters lengthy – a lot bigger than any Early Triassic ichthyosauriforms which were present in China. The Baisesaurus robustus would have resembled a dolphin, based on photographs created by scientific restoration.

With longer and stronger forelimb bones, the marine reptile can be believed to have been a robust swimmer and certain a superior predator within the oceans, mentioned Han Fenglu, the group’s chief and an affiliate professor on the college’s faculty of geosciences.

The research was just lately printed on-line within the worldwide biology journal PeerJ.

Ichthyosauriforms got here into existence on Earth as early as 250 million years in the past and died out about 90 million years in the past. The marine reptiles lived across the identical time because the dinosaurs, however their origins and early evolution historical past stay a thriller.

(Cowl picture: Fossils of a prehistoric creature. /VCG)

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