BirdNoir: The Wild Tom Turkey



BirdNoir: The Wild Tom Turkey

Written by Conor Gearin and Mark Bramhill

That is BirdNoir. I’m Michael Stein, Non-public Eye. 

    [music: “A Night” Laurent Mignard”]

Wild Turkeys are actual metropolis slickers these days, strutting round parks and lawns. However generally they act just a little unusual.

Caller: [on the phone] Hello Michael, H. Jon Benjamin right here. This turkey received’t depart my new automobile alone.

Your automobile?

Caller: Yeah, I simply chased him off! An enormous male tom turkey, displaying off his tail feathers! He was tapping his beak on the automobile for hours!

Caller: Maintain on, he’s again! 

    [Wild Turkey song, ML 238188931, 0:05-0:06]

He’s circling the home and staring in all of the home windows. Is that this turkey searching me, Michael?!

In all probability not. What do you assume the tom sees in your home windows?

    Caller: Uh, my terrified face!

He sees his personal reflection. Wild Turkeys are breeding, and the toms are looking for rival males. His mirror pictures on the shiny automobile and the home windows appear to be one other turkey.

[Wild Turkey call, ML 50137, 2:58-3:00]

Caller: You’re kidding. Is there something I can do?

Positive, simply cowl up your automobile and coat your property’s home windows with some soapy water to make them much less reflective. That method your automobile stays secure and the turkey stays targeted on courting.

 [Wild Turkey courtship calls, ML 218929941, 0:01-0:05]

My favourite circumstances are those that finish properly for each the individuals and the birds. I’m Non-public Eye Michael Stein.

H. Jon Benjamin: Michael, he acquired within the automobile, he’s driving my automobile away! The turkey simply stole my automobile! [tire screech]


Senior Producer: John Kessler
Content material Director: Allison Wilson
Producer: Mark Bramhill
Affiliate Producer: Ellen Blackstone
Managing Producer: Conor Gearin
Bird sounds offered by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Wild Turkey ML 238188931 recorded by B. Sullivan, Wild Turkey ML 50137 recorded by G. A. Keller, and Wild Turkey ML218929941 recorded by B. Lagerquist. Music by Laurent Mignard “A Evening” Album: Detective, Music for Non-public investigations 2010 Chromax
BirdNote’s theme was composed and performed by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.
©  2022 BirdNote      April 2022
Narrator: Michael Stein

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