Can Rabbits Eat Celery? This is What Rabbit Homeowners Ought to Know


Celery is usually a crunchy deal with for people. However can rabbits eat celery?

Bunnies like to munch on crunchy issues. One well-known bunny specifically all the time had a carrot protruding of his mouth. After all, rabbit house owners know that Bug’s favourite snack ought to solely be a small deal with because of the excessive sugar content material. However there’s one other vegetable that may go away you questioning: Can rabbits eat celery?

Dr. Sarah Wooten, a veterinary knowledgeable with Pumpkin Pet Insurance coverage, tells that 60% of your rabbit’s weight loss program ought to consist of assorted greens. The remainder of their weight loss program ought to be made up of a small quantity of fruit, loads of recent, clear water, and a vast provide of grass hay on high of their every day serving of rabbit meals. Selection in a pet rabbit’s weight loss program mimics that of a wild rabbit, despite the fact that there are some meals that bunnies can’t eat. A pet rabbit’s digestive system might be very delicate to new meals and a few leafy greens. With that in thoughts, it is best to slowly introduce veggies to your bunny and serve all recent meals moderately to attenuate digestive issues.

This is what to learn about feeding your rabbit celery.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Sure, rabbits can eat celery–with a number of circumstances. Feeding celery to your grownup rabbit has many optimistic well being advantages. Apparently sufficient, this recent vegetable really belongs to the identical household as carrots and parsley. Some advantages of celery are their excessive nutrient and fiber content material. Celery is filled with calcium, choline, folate, folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin Ok, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, a number of B nutritional vitamins (together with Vitamin B6), magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc. That is an entire lot of nutritional vitamins and minerals packed into the small bundle of a celery stick! It additionally has excessive water content material and a candy style that bunnies love.

Dr. Alex Schechter, a veterinarian at Pure Paws Veterinary Care, provides that celery leaves are additionally a nutritious addition to your bunny’s weight loss program.

What A part of the Celery Plant Can Rabbit Eat?

It is protected for rabbits to eat all components of a celery plant moderately: the stalks, leaves, and roots. Whereas celery stalks are protected total, this scrumptious deal with does have a number of downsides. Celery strings could cause some points in your bunnies. They’ll trigger blockages in your rabbit’s abdomen, and in case your rabbit’s digestive tract will get stopped up, it will probably result in a lethal situation referred to as GI stasis. Celery strings can get caught in your rabbit’s enamel or turn into a choking hazard.

As a result of celery strings could cause well being issues in your bunny, it is really helpful that you simply reduce these fibrous veggies up into one-inch items. And by no means feed rabbits cooked celery!

“Preserve a detailed eye on that you’re providing your pet solely uncooked meals, as offering cooked meals to rabbits could cause gastrointestinal bother by upsetting the intestine micro organism,” Wooten says. It is also greatest to purchase uncooked celery that is natural and free from pesticides. Probably the greatest methods to serve your bunny celery is to slice it into small items and blend it in with their every day serving of leafy greens. These herbivores like to eat blended inexperienced salad.

How A lot Celery Can I Give My Rabbit?

person chopping celery

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Whereas celery is protected in your rabbit, Wooten says it ought to solely make up 30% of your pet’s total weight loss program. The primary time you feed your rabbit celery, it is best to give them a small quantity to see how they deal with the brand new meals.

In the event that they prefer it, nice! However bear in mind: Every part moderately. Celery has numerous water and sugar and, whereas a rabbit wants loads of water in its weight loss program, an excessive amount of can result in tummy points.

What Greens Can Rabbits Not Eat?

There are some greens that shouldn’t be part of your rabbit’s weight loss program, regardless of how wholesome they appear. Wooten recommends leaving out potatoes, avocado, iceberg lettuce, rhubarb, and cauliflower, as these veggies are poisonous to your bunny. “Veggies that may be loved as an occasional deal with (as a result of they’re excessive in energy): carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, sugar beets, candy potato, radish,” Wooten says.

Aside from these meals, additionally keep away from sharing hamsters’ and guinea pigs’ meals. “Rabbits require a high-fiber weight loss program, and hamsters’ meals has no dietary worth to your pet,” Schletcher explains. Pet shops typically merchandise hamster and guinea pig meals subsequent to the rabbit treats, so it will probably typically turn into confusing–especially since many look precisely alike and have tiny labeling. Do not feel unhealthy in the event you by chance convey dwelling the incorrect treats. I’ve had rabbits for years, and I’ve even introduced dwelling a hamster deal with by chance earlier than!

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