A Small Park That Has What Birds Want



A Small Park That Has What Birds Want

Written by Conor Gearin

That is BirdNote. 

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[Ruby-crowned Kinglet song, ML 136164, 0:12-0:14]

Washington Sq. Park in Manhattan is simply 10 acres, which could sound too small to have a lot selection. However Georgia Silvera Seamans leads wildlife surveys there. She says there’s a densely forested spot that pulls in lots of birds.

Georgia Silvera Seamans: We’ve simply come to know by 12 months after 12 months of being within the park, the northwest aspect of the park has these clear forest layers, and that’s the place we see essentially the most range by way of variety of species. As a result of there’s a layer for each fowl that’s going to cease over within the park.So we get a ton of warblers as a result of we now have extra oaks there.

She usually sees Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers searching for out the big timber, and  Ruby-crowned Kinglets snapping up bugs on the spruces. 

    [Ruby-crowned Kinglet song, ML 136164, 0:39-0:41]

Georgia, who’s an city forester by coaching, sees the connection between town’s timber and its birds firsthand. She’s the director of a corporation known as Washington Sq. Park Eco Tasks that gives environmental schooling and advocates for the ecological worth of the park. 

Georgia Silvera Seamans: New York Metropolis shouldn’t be solely people-diverse, it’s landscape-diverse, and so you will discover marvel and magic all through New York Metropolis. And that’s one thing to have a good time.

Georgia collects tales from metropolis dwellers about their experiences with birds on her podcast, Your Bird Story. Discover a hyperlink on our web site, BirdNote dot org. I’m Conor Gearin.


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