Chill with penguins at SeaWorld San Antonio in honor of World Penguin Day


SAN ANTONIO – You may chill with the penguins at SeaWorld San Antonio any time of day or evening.

KSAT’s livestream video of SeaWorld San Antonio’s penguin exhibit is up 24/7 so you may hang around with the roughly 250 birds who stay there.

Try the KSAT penguin cam:

In honor of World Penguin Day, which takes place yearly on April 25, SeaWorld highlighted a few of its efforts towards penguin conservation.

The park participates within the Species Survival Plan (SSP), which helps protect chosen species in zoos and aquariums which are struggling within the wild.

“Penguins are the second most endangered seabird with 13 of the 18 species of penguin going through some degree of menace concern,” SeaWorld San Antonio stated in a press launch. All 18 species of penguins are legally protected.

King, Gentoo, chinstrap and southern rockhopper penguins all stay within the SeaWorld San Antonio habitat, which is stored at a wintery 35 levels.


Rockhopper penguins. (SeaWorld San Antonio)

“Penguins are hardy creatures however require specialised environmental situations to thrive,” Supervisor of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld San Antonio Andrea Roggenbuck stated. “The data and experience of SeaWorld animal care specialists is important in sustaining the well being of our penguin populations and guaranteeing conservation of those treasured species.”

SeaWorld San Antonio additionally has a pair of male Gentoo penguins who’ve efficiently constructed a nest collectively and fostered two chinstrap penguin eggs during the last two breeding seasons.

Employees at SeaWorld San Antonio stated the pair take turns guarding the nest website and mimic the conduct of expectant dad and mom.

The couple efficiently incubated the eggs and took turns caring for and feeding the chicks after they hatched and, based on SeaWorld, each of the chinstrap penguins are nonetheless doing properly right now.


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