“Pandas: Born to be Wild” on NATURE, March 16 at 8 pm


“Pandas: Born to be Wild” on NATURE, March 16 at 8 pm

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Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Nature – Pandas: Born to be Wild

 Wednesday, March 16 at 8 p.m. on WOUB


The Large Panda could also be probably the most recognizable endangered species on our planet, however the day by day lives of untamed pandas stay a thriller, till now. Filming over three years, two Chinese language cinematographers trek by the steep forested trails of the Qinling Mountains to catch a glimpse of untamed pandas. With the assistance of scientists and rangers on this journey, they seize startling new wild panda habits on display. Not like the playful picture of captive pandas, wild pandas are solitary and territorial. The movie crew additionally follows the coaching of a younger panda born in captivity studying to be a panda within the wild.

Large Panda feeding on bamboo. Bamboo supplies solely simply sufficient power for pandas to stay, which is why they eat for 14 hours a day.

 Buzzworthy Moments:

    • A younger cub within the Wolong Panda Heart, born to his mom by synthetic insemination, will spend three years in a big enclosure within the reserve, separate from all different pandas and people. He’s being skilled to be launched into the wild when he reaches three years previous. Underneath the steerage of his mom, he learns essential abilities comparable to climbing timber and exploration, though there may be nonetheless a threat that he’ll change into too hooked up to his mom.
    • The mating and courtship rituals of untamed Large Pandas have by no means been filmed earlier than. The filmmakers trek alongside park rangers within the Qinling Mountains to trace down a male throughout breeding season and ultimately come across an exceedingly uncommon sight – a fertile feminine being fought over by two males. To achieve courting the feminine, the males should win in opposition to their rival in addition to a tussle with the feminine herself. This habits sheds mild on why breeding captive pandas is so troublesome – the roaring, scent-marking and combating are probably what triggers her ovulation – circumstances very troublesome to copy out of the wild.
    • Since they’re elevating the younger cub to by no means meet people, the caretakers on the Wolong Panda Heart give you an uncommon resolution to carry out well being checkups on the cub. The employees gown up in panda costumes and even masks their scent with panda urine. The cub, with its poor eyesight, is left none the wiser.
    • Nearly all of the panda cubs residing within the Wolong Panda Heart are extraordinarily playful and social with their fellow pandas and caretakers. That is completely different habits from pandas within the wild, who’re principally solitary creatures. It’s nonetheless a thriller why captive pandas are extra social than wild pandas.

two pandasThree-year-old Large Panda and his mom in Wolong Panda Heart. Not an adolescent, he might want to fend for himself within the wilderness.

Noteworthy Details:

  • There are solely round 2,000 Large Pandas left on the earth right now. Though they’re members of the bear household, pandas don’t hibernate and due to this fact should hold feeding even all through the winter months.
  • Bamboo is a panda’s major meals supply; nevertheless, it doesn’t present a lot diet. With a view to keep their power, they have to eat bamboo as much as 14 hours every day.
  • The milk in a Large Panda mom accommodates extra antibodies than every other animal, as a result of cubs are born extremely susceptible and underdeveloped. Females can solely have 3-4 younger of their lifetime, the bottom start fee of any mammal.




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