Hey Pandas, What’s One Factor About The World You Would Change Proper Now, If You Might?


What concerning the world do you hate a lot you’ll do something to alter?

The sweetness requirements. Everybody is gorgeous


Racism , it’s the most silly factor on the earth. Each tradition has one thing stunning. We should always embrace all our variations.


Take your choose.

Maintain billionaires accountable or tax them correctly. For those who make over a sure revenue, try to be legally obligated to make use of a few of it to learn others or the area people.

Get our authorities (or any authorities, actually) to offer two f***s about us killing our planet and certain all being lifeless throughout the subsequent 50 years.

A one baby coverage (I do know it sounds draconian however I do not care) – we won’t proceed to help this many individuals.

Maintain politicians truly accountable for his or her actions.

Poisonous magnificence requirements that persuade younger women and men that they are ugly/inferior/fats and many others.

Littering and fly tipping. Significantly, if I see you doing this, you may be listening to precisely what I feel.

Faith. If there’s even one hateful factor of their writings, that faith must die.

Lastly, get Elon Musk to spend his cash on one thing that truly f*****g issues as a substitute of shopping for Twitter or attempting to get to Mars when our personal planet is slowly burning. I hate that man.


The foster care system within the US. It is so corrupted generally I simply wanna cry.

The foster dad and mom haven’t any say in something concerning the baby. In some instances the kid is put in care a number of instances (like my brothers and I.)

The youngsters who really want a variety of assist do not get it as a result of it is virtually unattainable to get.

Siblings who’ve a really poisonous relationship are fought to be put collectively. My household does foster care and we have seen a minimum of 4 instances like this.

Some employees do not actually care concerning the baby. (Not all, just a few employees.)

Some youngsters are handed from residence to residence due to conduct. Earlier than I used to be adopted, I used to be in a complete of 8 houses in six years. Between that was ten months with my beginning father.

After they cannot discover a placement for the night time, all the youngsters are put in a room collectively (all ages, all sexes) with little to none supervision.


Nuclear… Simply creates concern. In australia we ain’t terrified of Russia, not terrified of north Korea (F.U),… However we’re afraid of china. Its been solely 50 years since humanity first received the power to deciminate itself with the remainder of the world anyway…


1 world starvation.

2 homelessness.

3 magnificence requirements.

4 talc in make-up.

5 pockets on ladies clothes.

6 people who find themselves suicidal-mindsets.

7 the bp censoring system.

8 individuals who don’t get sarcasm or jokes.


TW: mentions of physique picture, weight, ED, SH
I can take into consideration 3 off the highest of my head, however crucial one is abolishing weight-reduction plan tradition. Ever since I used to be 9 i at all times struggled with physique picture, I used to be ashamed of myself so I began SH, I developed an ed after I was 12, and I received assist 6 months in. I relapsed as soon as, I ate usually for some time and relapsed once more. No person noticed my relapses as a result of weight-reduction plan tradition mentioned that if a 104lb 12y/o feminine misplaced weight, it was good.
50% of females may even battle with an ED.
33% of males will too.
Struggle weight-reduction plan tradition.


Indifference to homelessness and poverty. I do not assume individuals really understand how many individuals stay on this scenario all around the world.


I really feel we’d like extra constructive Muslim illustration in media – not simply documentaries, journalism, and many others, but additionally fictional exhibits about Muslims, pop-culture, movies, and such. When all you see is Muslims related to atrocities, it take a toll on us Muslims too. We really feel the identical, if no more, ache to atrocities understanding that somebody used our faith to inflict hurt. We really feel responsible.

If we will have a manner that normalizes and humanizes us extra, not simply discussing our existence in relation to terrorism, however Muslims, get this, being regular individuals, I really feel the ignorance to our faith and society can be a lot much less.


Imply individuals…POOF! 🪄


I’d add indifference as a part of crimes towards humanity.
I’d drive The Hague to make the phrase “i used to be simply following orders” an computerized responsible plea punishable by a minimal of 10 years for each harmless life taken.


the governmental response surrounding LGBTIQ + they just do sufficient to make us not capable of press costs on faculties restraunts and many others. however it’s not okay .let individuals be who they’re. it is not proper its merely disgusting when you assume placing a harmless baby in concern and within the shadows to be bullied by their trainer and classmates as a result of Him /Her/There sexual preferences is unjust and easily fallacious we should always reward and assist these people with popping out and trusting us to guard them from this and having lecturers deal with children (and adults )otherwise by there gender / sexuality is borderline prejudice.


Take away the ideas of cash, nationwide borders, and faith. Let everybody do what they take pleasure in so long as it is for the betterment of society as an entire…


That extra individuals truly cared about han beings as a residing respiratory factor! You’d assume some individuals do of how they act round some individuals or on-line. I’ve seen individuals act higher towards animals than a human being. Now do not get me fallacious animals deserve like to and to be cared about. And people are generally tough across the edges however I’ve greater than as soon as perhaps even thousand time seen people who find themselves “christians” who act like they might assist individuals not give a rattling about anybody. I feel we should always present compassion and love in on a regular basis life. Sometime it’s possible you’ll want someones compassion oh anticipate you anticipate that when your there in that place. However what about that particular person over there? Have an enormous coronary heart and no I not discuss how bo or individuals like that ordinary individuals! An perhaps even gap bo. I’ve aways believed when you assist somebody it’s going to come out in future coming again to you.


world Battle III. additionally local weather change:(


The place to begin, the place to begin…
Nuclear war-gone.
Free healthcare-coming to an America close to you.
Xenophobia in virtually all of its forms-gone.
Magnificence standards-gone.
Animal abuse-F*****G GONE.


Christianity. different religions have their points however Christianity is the one with the present most



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